Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Muse

A rooster I painted today for a shop in Marlow.
This is my Venice painting Lou wanted me to post.

People's muses are different things. I think mine is music. I can't paint with out music or a movie playing. For some reason that gets me in the groove and takes my mind off procrastination. I think writing may be the same way. So today I am trying writing and listening to music. My blogging has been scarce. Thank you all my reader for not deserting me. Maybe writing to music will help.

Becky gave me a topic to write about last week. Why art.

Why art? Well, I have always admired art and the beautiful things that are created. I really did not seek out art it dropped in my lap so to speak. In New Mexico I took a few charcoal classes. When we moved to Oklahoma and met Lou, mom asked if I wanted to take art classes. I of course said yes. My first art projects are terrible. Those are hidden under the bed. (don't tell Lou) Six years later I am still talking Lou's art classes. And love every minutes of it. My painting and drawing has improved. Not as much as I would like but every day you paint you improve. You learn something new, find a better way to do something etc. Art is always a learning process. You can always improve. There is no perfection in art. You may paint something and think this is great! But a few days later you look at it and say oh I need to fix that and that and that. It never ends. Sometimes you just sign it and call it done. I have to restrain myself from going back and fixing my terrible first paintings. Some of them I have painted over. (again don't tell Lou) Why waste a good canvas! Art is a big portion of my life. And I am thankful for Lou's guidance! Thank you Lou!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Well I am sick again! My immune system is weak I suppose. My father has been pouring vitamins down my throat. Yesterday he stopped by the vitamin store and asked what I could take to help me. The vitamin man suggested that I take protein because I work out so much. He said that as much as I work out I can not eat enough protein to make up for it. I work out four days a week for about two hours plus. So on top of taking my vitamins I am also taking protein. The protein stuff is gross. I was a bit against taking the protein because I don't want to build bulk. But it says it is not for building bulk it is supplement only. If I start looking like a Russian weight lifter I will stop taking it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Posting Alert

I'm back! I'm not really motivated to blog but, I started this and I am not going to stop on you.
If any of you are curious as to my ailment, It was a mixture of a cold and just feeling bad. But I lived.

I don't have much to blog about. Writing is creating, maybe thats my problem I am just not being creative enough. I have been thinking about writing short stories. I'm not really sure what the subject would be. If you give me a subject I can write about it. I am just short on subjects. And drive for that matter. When I set my mind to things I usually accomplish my goal. Maybe I have not truly set my mind to blogging. Well we will see!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I'm not feeling great. So posting and commenting will be scarce.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


The other day someone said I was classy. What defines class and what makes class. Is it manners? Poise? What about a person makes them classy or not classy? It is more than being stylish. It is poise and manners. Is class defined by the way someone dresses or by the way they conduct themselves? In my opinion it is both. The way you dress reflects your taste. And taste is something that defines you. Some people have good taste some bad. Ones social distinction is not class. However that does not mean that they can or can not have class regardless of their social status. Social status does not form class. The lack of a high social status does not form it either. Class is not something that can be acquired by birth. It is matured and learned just as etiquette is. Class goes hand in hand with etiquette. In my opinion you can not have one with out the other.
Do I find myself classy. No, but I hope to be one day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yours In Haste

Not Good Form

"Sincerely" is formal notes and "Affectionately" in intimate notes are the two adverbs most used in present day, and between these two there is a blank; in English we have no expression to fit sentiment more friendly than the first nor one less intimate than the second.
"Cordially" was coined no doubt to fill this need, but its self-consciousness puts it in the category with "residence" and "retire," and all the other offenses of pretentiousness, and in New York, at least, it is not used by people of taste.
"Warmly yours" is unspeakable.
"Yours in haste" or "hastily yours" is not bad form, but is rather carelessly rude.
"In a tearing hurry" is a termination dear to the boarding school girl;but its truth does not make it any more attractive than the vision of that some young girl rushing into a room with her hat and coat half on, to swoop upon her mother with a peck of a kiss, and with a "-------by, mamma!" whirl out again! Turmoil and flurry may be characteristic of manners of to-day; both are far from the ideal of beautiful manners which should be a assured, as smooth, as controlled as the running of a high-grade automobile. Flea-like motions are no better suited to manners than to motors.
---Etiquette by Emily Post, 1922

Monday, August 4, 2008

Water Play

Yesterday Allisa and I went scuba diving at LETRA. It was my first experience with a very low visibility dive. You may ask what did you see? Well not a whole lot! Rocks and fish. It was still fun but it sure is not the ocean. Mostly what I saw was this color , this color, and this color. Not this color, this color and this color. Lake diving is a totally different than ocean diving. I have also discovered that fish stalk me! At one point there were 10 of them right behind my head. I think they were behind my head looking at my mask strap. It has a picture of the ocean and ocean fish. They were probably calling all the other fish to come look at the ocean. ;)

I was reading an article in a magazine about diving on the natural springs in Florida. But some of them have Alligators. That made me think. Would I rather dive with alligators and crocodiles or sharks. That is a toughie! I think I would choose sharks. When diving with sharks you are most vulnerable when you are at the surface. I would think, that that with the vicious reptiles you are always vulnerable. Yes with sharks you are too but sharks prefer dead or dying things. And seals are one of their favorite meals. At the surface you are a seal down below you are just another fish. To me the alligators and crocodiles are always on the hunt and would be more likely to take you down in the water. Which would you rather be in the water with?

**Update** 8/04/08 2:39pm
I forgot to tell you about my injuries! Pulling on my wet suit is hard! It always makes my ingers hurt. Yesterday in between the first and second dive I took the top part of my wet suit off. As I was putting it back in for the second dive I scraped off the skin on the top of my middle finger. And my ring finger has a blister on it. And I smashed my pinkie in my tank clamp. I always hurt my fingers when I dive!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Silly Girl

Sydney is a silly dog. Bull Terriers are know as the clowns of the dog world. Both of mine certainly are!