Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Muse

A rooster I painted today for a shop in Marlow.
This is my Venice painting Lou wanted me to post.

People's muses are different things. I think mine is music. I can't paint with out music or a movie playing. For some reason that gets me in the groove and takes my mind off procrastination. I think writing may be the same way. So today I am trying writing and listening to music. My blogging has been scarce. Thank you all my reader for not deserting me. Maybe writing to music will help.

Becky gave me a topic to write about last week. Why art.

Why art? Well, I have always admired art and the beautiful things that are created. I really did not seek out art it dropped in my lap so to speak. In New Mexico I took a few charcoal classes. When we moved to Oklahoma and met Lou, mom asked if I wanted to take art classes. I of course said yes. My first art projects are terrible. Those are hidden under the bed. (don't tell Lou) Six years later I am still talking Lou's art classes. And love every minutes of it. My painting and drawing has improved. Not as much as I would like but every day you paint you improve. You learn something new, find a better way to do something etc. Art is always a learning process. You can always improve. There is no perfection in art. You may paint something and think this is great! But a few days later you look at it and say oh I need to fix that and that and that. It never ends. Sometimes you just sign it and call it done. I have to restrain myself from going back and fixing my terrible first paintings. Some of them I have painted over. (again don't tell Lou) Why waste a good canvas! Art is a big portion of my life. And I am thankful for Lou's guidance! Thank you Lou!


Becky said...

The Venice painting is nice, but I really, really like the rooster!

Great story about how you got into art. Some things I think we are just born with. For me it was knitting. I don't remember a time when I didn't want to learn to knit--even as a small child.

Buck said...

Art is always a learning process. You can always improve.

And life, as they say, imitates art! Good stuff, Ash.

Bag Blog said...

I love it when the light goes on in one of my students. Ashley is a great art student - she has a great eye for color and a unique style. Like life, she just jumps in with her whole heart. Who could not love that?!

carrielt said...

I love the rooster! You are very talented! I fail trying to draw stick figures! But turn me loose painting a living room and I can do neat things!

Jenn said...

They are both nice, I'm not into roosters but I have to say that is a great one !

Skybag said...

It's been six years!? I really like the Venice painting! I remember you working on it a long time ago - you didn't just now finish it, did you? That one was definitely worth finishing ;)

Dawn said...

I do like both of them, but I love the colors in the Venice painting!

Your so right with the music, much of my inspiration comes when I'm listening to something. Your post was good today Ash!

Inquiries said...

Becky: Thank you. Kitting is fascinating.

Buck: Thank you!

Lou: Thank you (blush)

Carrie: Thank you. I am the messiest house painter ever!

Jenn: Thank you

Skybag: Yes it's been six years. That painting has been finished for a very long time. You mom just requested that I post it.

Dawn: Thank you!