Monday, September 8, 2008

Right Basic

Where have I been? Well here, just a busy here. The gym I work out at offered me a job as a fitness instructor. I am considering it. I think it would be very fun. While I am considering it I will be an assistant in some of the classes. I have been listening to workout music trying to lean the beats. Teaching the class and keeping time with me music is a lot more complicated than it looks. Each combo is 32 counts. That means the music slightly fades at that 32 count. It is hard to hear that slight fade. Enough boring you with that! What else have I been up to? Busy nothingness .


Buck said...

Busy nothingness.

Umm-hmmm. Or, to put it another way: Yeahrightsure! ;-)

Good to see ya posting again, Ash! And I hope that fitness instructor thing works out (ahem...) for ya!

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back. I was starting to get worried!

My SIL use to to teach all kinds of fitness classes. She is now training for a mini marathon in Las Vegas in Dec. Mini as in 13...gasp...miles. Crazy woman. She'll be 40 in Oct and looks wonderful!

Jenn said...

Glad to hear everything is ok!

Inquiries said...

Buck: Are you going to start chanting " I know something no one knows"? ;)

Thank you. Me too!

Carrie: Thank you.
Wow that's great!

Jenn: Thanks

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate it when you to busy todo anything than you look back and think what did I do?