Sunday, April 27, 2008

And I'm Off!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I am leaving for Hawaii! I am not talking Lou's laptop so there may be no blogging. But if I get an opportunity to I will.
The people that asked for post cards will get them!

I told you that today would be a good post. But I am at a lost on what to post about!
I start many posts but never publish them. One was about credit card usage. Another was about Feminine men and masculine women. There many more. I am not sure why I do not publish them. I think it has to do with the random way I write. The topics change quickly. I guess my mind rapid fires in many different directions. Some completely unrelated directions. My thought pattern is random. I think I random fire in conversation too. I try not to. Not everyone can read my mind! If you read something I write and can not make sense out of it please say so! Being properly understood is a huge part of being a good writer.

I need to plan my posts more. I usually sit down at the computer and open my create blog page and type. I do not collect my thoughts. I do not outline my point. I just jump in with both feet. That does not make a good writer. Writing takes planning and consideration. I have read back over some of my past posts and thought what was I trying to say?

I am also a terrible proof reader of my own work. Other peoples I can pick out the most minute mistakes. I overlook huge mistakes in my own writing. I skim my writing that is part of the problem.

I am striving to be a better writer. To have an extensive vocabulary. To use words correctly. ( to spell them correctly as well) To use proper grammar. To make the topic of my work evident. To be easily understood. Readers and not hunters. They want to be told what they are reading. about.

I will see all of you in two weeks. You may hear from me sooner!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lazy Blogger!

I have been a lazy blogger the past two days! I will give you a grand post tomorrow! Thank you dear readers for being patient with this lazy blogger! I have been BUSY! That is no excuse though. I told myself what I started this blog that I would post every day or at least six days out of seven.
I have been pretty good about it but not great. I am working on it though. You will hear from me in Hawaii. The gracious Lou allowed me to borrow her laptop. For the first eight days you will hear from me. I am not sure about the internet access after that. Back tomorrow! Now what am I going to write about..............

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why Did I Get Out Of Bed?!

Today has been a why did I bother getting out of bed days.
The morning started out with yelling at Fed Ex. ( I did not really yell but I wanted to) I was told the day before yesterday Fed Ex picked up my shoes. But yesterday I was informed that the driver did not get them on his route because they were not put on his truck on time. And that I would receive them today. Well, that may be true but they did not to fess up as to why they were not on the truck. Apparently when the Fed Ex driver went to pick up the shoes the woman had them on! I could not help but laugh. This almost too ridicules to believe! The driver took the shoes from the woman and returned them to the Fed Ex shipping house. The woman from Fed Ex called me this morning to inform me of the situation and to ask if I wanted the original shoes or new ones. I informed her that I paid for new shoes and I wanted new shoes. I called the shoes store and informed her of the situation. She did not laugh. She was MAD. She some what straightened the situation out. I may not receive my shoes in time for Hawaii. They are in transit Fed Ex express. They had better be here!
During my trading phone calls with Fed Ex and the shoe store, I packed and repacked bags. It was hectic, annoying, and all the other words that go along with those. Cramming a lot of stuff in a small space is hard work!
Art was good. ( the only good part of my day!)
Step class was hectic too.
I am tired of hectic!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miss Manners

I bought a Miss Manners book today from a used book store. It has letters that people have written to her and her answers. Some of them are quite interesting.

Dear Miss Manners:
My half-brother showed up in town with his dreadful mother, who used to be married to my father, and some equally awful cousins. How can I introduce my brother, whom I like very much, without seeming to be related to the rest of the crowd, whom I don't like?
Gentle Reader:
"This is my brother, and some relatives of his, the Boors." The best you can hope for, in this case, is that people think your brother, rather than your father, married badly.

Dear Miss Manners:
Please clear the air between a male friend and me. According to him, a man must never offer a firm handshake to a woman. I, on the other hand, believe one should always shake firmly, lest one be considered wishy-washy. What to do?
Gentle Reader:
How firmly are we talking about? Many ladies wear rings on their right hands and many of those rings have stones in them. In the area between seeming wishy-washy and slicing off a lady's finger at the knuckle with her own diamond. Miss Manners would rather a gentleman of ordinary digital and manual sensitivity to adjust his handshake in response to the strength of the lady's.

Men almost always shake my hand very firmly. Painfully firm. I have never been able to figure out why. I do not shake their hand very firmly. Firmly yes but not painfully. Men grasp my and make make my knuckles rub together. It hurts. I have hand only a few light hand shakes.

Dear Miss Manners: I have been trained to take off my hat upon entering an elevator, but in crowded office lifts, the space is insufficient to hold a doffed hat-save over the face (stifling) or under the chin (funereal). So the hat stays on. At the sight of it however women of my age utter little humphs, purse their lips, of it avert their eyes. My face reddens. To halve these elevator contretemps, I no longer go out for lunch. I am brown-bagging (attache´-casing, actually). But the sandwich fare, through economical, is monotonous. Far more serous, this desk dining deprives me of any chance encounter with an attractive woman who might not instantly humph. If you will please proclaim lift-hats-off passe´, I shall display your decree in my hatband. On the elevator, lids will flutter, lips part, humphs give way to susurrations. Soon, lunch counters will no longer be needed, I shall have a new friend who knows countless kinds of sandwiches, and every morning --as my attache´case and her ample handbag leave home to start the workday-- we shall tip our hats to you.
Gentle Reader:
How can Miss Manners resist you? Three little words, you beg, and happiness will be yours. Yet she cannot bring herself to say them. Hold the hat in the space not occupied by the attache´case, which you will no longer need as a sandwich carrier because hordes of women, falling in love with the gallantry, will compete to take you to lunch. Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior © 1982
I hope you enjoyed Miss Manners! My readers will be well versed on the proper way to conduct themselves.

Send Me A Post Card Please!

Do any of my loyal readers want me to send them a post card from Hawaii? If so please email me your snail mail addresses at

( P.S. I do not know why the pictures has a red smudge on it, It is a stolen borrowed picture)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Life Time In One Week

I found this Lunar moth this afternoon. I had never seen one before. They only live for one week. The link is interesting. I am not a bug person. At all!
But I found the link to be interesting and informative.

A few weeks ago I ordered a pair of shoes. Last Wednesday I the shoe store called me and told me that they would be shipping my shoes out the next day. Today I called to check on the shipment. I was told that Fed Ex dropped the package off at my door at ten this morning. I informed her that no the package had not been dropped off at my door. Fed Ex was called and the address was given where the shoes had been delivered 511 Washington Ave. I do not live on Washington Avenue. There is not a Washing Avenue in the town I live in! I live out in the boonies. I do not have physical address. Only a p.o. box. I was told that Fed Ex would deliver to the p.o. box. They would not in this case. Fed Ex "researched" my name and "found my address." The delivered the package to the address they "found" without calling me and informing me that the package would be delivered to a different address. The woman at the shoe store called Fed Ex again to find out where my shoes are. They are in Lawton. I do not live in Lawton, never have. But they "found' my address and shipped it to that. No matter if it was the wrong one! Fed Ex would not accept my address so the shoes are being shipped to my grandparents house. I was told they would arrive tomorrow. We will see!

What Fed Ex was ridiculous. It is their responsibility to deliver the packages to the correct address. I was more than annoyed with Fed Ex. The package had better be delivered tomorrow or I will have a long, informative nice talk with them.

Update: 4:18pm April 23. Thank you Buck for pointing out the broken link. I fixed it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Medley

A storm building with the sunset.


I had to take these pictures. I thought this bike was cool. It is pretty. Is it all right to call a motorcycle pretty? ;)

Todays medley in pictures.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Senior Picture Meme

My senior picture was not taken very long ago. I do not even know if I have changed since it was taken. My profile picture was taken about six months ago. For the people who see me often. Have I changed? I doubt it.
I have no one else to tag every one has been tagged. But post your senior pictures they are interesting!

Perfection's Meme

Friday, April 18, 2008


As all of my readers know I am terrible about typos. My most common is you instead of your. My fingers sometimes have a mind of their own. I am working on proof reading. I need to work harder at it!

Today feels like Saturday. I do not really know why but it does. I keep telling myself no it is Friday. My brain is in Hawaii already. I have nothing to blog about.
Lou offered her laptop for me to take to Hawaii so that I can blog. I want to take it but the first eight days I will have internet access but I am not sure about the rest of the nine days. So what do you think Gentle Reader do you want to hear from me while I am in Hawaii or wait until I get back?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oil Fire and Barbed wire

I thought this was interesting and kind of cool. But I am easily amused.

I almost fell into a big puddle of water getting this picture.

I crashed the ladies art class today. Lou's morning class. They crack me up!
Lou calls them the old ladies class.

Lou also taught me how to drive a standard today! I was so excited! I did not do great but it was my first time! I killed it about four times. Three of the four were trying to pull in Lou's car port. She said I could practice again. YES! It was fun! My next car will me a standard!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Private Discussions

"One very bad habit in many families is the discussion of all of their most intimate affairs at the table-entirely forgetting whoever may be waiting on it; and nine times out of ten those serving in the dining-room see no harm (if they feel like it) in repeating what is said, Why should they? It scarcely occurs to them that they were "invisible" and that what was openly talked about at the table was supposed to be a secret!
Apart from the stupidity and imprudence of talking before witnesses, it is bad form to discuss one's private affairs before any one. And it should be unnecessary to add that a man and his wife who quarrel before their children or servants, deprive the former of of good breeding through inheritance, and publish to the latter that they do not belong to the "better class" through any qualification except the possession of a bank account.
Furthermore, parents must never disagree before the children. It simply can't be! Nor can there be an appeal to one parent against the other by a child.
"Father told me to jump down the well !"
"Then you must do it, dear," is the mother's only possible comment. When the child has "jumped down the well," she may pull him out promptly, and she may in private tell her husband what she thinks about his issuing such orders and stand her own ground against them; but so long as the parents are living under the same roof, that roof must shelter unity of opinion, so far as any witnesses are concerned." --Etiquette by Emily Post

I have had waiters and waitresses stop and listen to my private discussions. Not that they were particularly private but it is still quite rude. Waiters and waitresses are not invisible but they should not interfere or listen to a private discussion that do not concern them. I have also experienced waiters and waitress share very personal information with me. For some unknown reason people love to share personal information with me. Most of the time it is amusing.

Now on the matter if parents arguing with each other in front of their children I agree with Ms. Post. But if my child came to me and told me that their father had told them to jump in a well I would assure them that he was only kidding and privately ask my "husband" why he issued such an order. It is very inappropriate for a husband wife to quarrel in front of anyone. It happens yes but out and out fights are in very bad taste. Quarrels and fights are private matters and should not be broadcast.

Another matter that Ms. Post did not address, children quarreling with their parents in public. Or at all for that matter. Discussions are appropriate in private as long as the do not turn into arguments. While a child is lives under their parents household they are subject to their parents no matter how old the child is. Respecting ones elders is very important.


The sky was brown. It does not really show in the picture. I like the sky in this picture, it is different.
More tulips
The flower bed of tulips
Pansy (orange for Diva)
Red for me (red is my favorite color)

I thought this was interesting. My writing is post grad, Yeah RIGHT! Does anything that comes out of my mouth sound intelligent or educated. Maybe on a good day! Good days are rare.
blog readability test

Movie Reviews

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The First Tag

Buck tagged me so here is my desktop. It is my first time to me tagged. It is kind of fun!
It is one of the tulip pictures I have taken. This meme is interesting. It gives you a insight into people. Your desktop picture tells alot about you!

If Dawn, Diva , Perfection, and Susan want to play consider yourself tagged!

Is It Yes Or No!

My dive buddy Allisa is newly certified like I am. But it has been six months since she had "been under" and her last dive was her check out dive. We thought we could SCUBA in the pool at the local fitness center if we signed a liability waver. They said no. We called the YMCA in Lawton where we did our pool sessions with the dive class to ask if we could do it there. They said yes and then they said no. So the last option is the lake. The cold lake I might add. The instructor that certified us is taking a group for their check out dive April 26 to a lake in Lawton. That means that Saturday the 26th I will be freezing my buns off. Oh joy! But hey diving is diving! I am ready! Hawaii will be a welcome change to a cold and dirty lake! It will be good experience for Allisa and I. At least that is what I keep telling myself! All kidding aside I am looking forward to it. As many of you know I am a creature of the water. I love diving. So I will enjoy it even though I may not have any buns left! ;)

The picture was take in Balmorhea a few weeks ago. I am the one with the bright green tank.
That is as close to a wet suit photo you are going to get. I am sure you are all relieved.
In case you were wondering my terrible dive partner is the man standing on the left with the yellow and black BC. The man sitting down towards the corner of the pool is mini teacher (he has the yellow fin next to him).

Monday, April 14, 2008

Roses Part 1

Saturday after clothes shopping we went to Sam's Club with the mother and daughter that my mother and I went shopping with. The daughter's name is Allisa. She is going to Hawaii with me. I am introducing you to her (those of you who do not know her) because there will be many Hawaii stories with her in them. Allisa's mom had a few things to pick up at Sam's while she was doing that Allisa and I were wandering around Sam's. I found the flowers. I had no idea that Sam's would have such a large flower selection. There a wide selection of roses. In so many colors. They were beautiful! (that is why there are so many pictures!) I love roses too! I hope you enjoy the roses!

Roses Part 2

Roses Part 3

This is the last segment of the roses. I took many pictures but I will only bore you with three segments.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rainbow of Tulips

More tulips. I love tulips. They are an elegant flower. The come in so many different colors.
I hope you are not tired of the tulips. I will post my rose pictures tomorrow. Enjoy my favorite flower!


Update: April 13, 2008 7:08pm This picture is not related to tulips but I added it because I have been wanting to but could not find a good place. So here it is!