Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rainbow of Tulips

More tulips. I love tulips. They are an elegant flower. The come in so many different colors.
I hope you are not tired of the tulips. I will post my rose pictures tomorrow. Enjoy my favorite flower!


Update: April 13, 2008 7:08pm This picture is not related to tulips but I added it because I have been wanting to but could not find a good place. So here it is!


Course of Perfection said...

Awesome, the last one is my favorite.

Inquiries said...

That is my favorite too!

Becky said...

Love the cloud picture! I used to have tulips, but they don't come up any more. It doesn't get cold enough for them, and I didn't want to dig them up and refrigerate the bulbs every winter.

I used to have roses, too, but they all died.

Junk Diva said...

Love, love, love your flower pic.s I must learn how to do that. The cloud pic. is great also.

Buck said...


You need to think about a trip to Holland, Ash. They do tulips like no one else in the world... and there are literally MILLIONS of 'em. The scale of the tulip fields is simply amazing.

Inquiries said...

Becky: Thank you. ( I have a black thumb) I take pictures of other peoples flowers because I kill them.

Diva: Thank you!

Buck: Thank you! I want to go to Holland so badly! Wanna go with me? ;)

Bag Blog said...

I came by your blog, but for some reason I forgot to comment - must have been sidetracked. I love the tulips - sure wish you would get married so we could use them in your wedding - ha!

Inquiries said...

Lou: Have any prospects? ;)