Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oil Fire and Barbed wire

I thought this was interesting and kind of cool. But I am easily amused.

I almost fell into a big puddle of water getting this picture.

I crashed the ladies art class today. Lou's morning class. They crack me up!
Lou calls them the old ladies class.

Lou also taught me how to drive a standard today! I was so excited! I did not do great but it was my first time! I killed it about four times. Three of the four were trying to pull in Lou's car port. She said I could practice again. YES! It was fun! My next car will me a standard!


Junk Diva said...

Learning to drive a standard is fun. The first standard that shifts on the column I ever drove was when I worked in the oilfield. My regular pick-up was in the shop so I had to drive the pool truck. They asked if I could drive a standard. " Well sure I can" not wanting them to know I couldn't. Pride and all ya know. I waited for the other guys to leave the yard and got in the truck, I had no idea the shift pattern on that thing. It took me 30 minuets to get out of the yard. Jerk, Jerk, die. I finally came around the office on my way out of the yard, four of the guys were in the office watching this whole thing out the window. Boy were they having a good laugh, I just waved and grinned as I jerked past. So Busted!!!!!!

Bag Blog said...

Hey, I've taught lots of people to drive a standard, and you did great! The carport thing was tough because you had to go over the hump and into the garage, but not be going too fast or you would hit the wall. It is tricky for anyone. You did great out in traffic - much better than my little sister whom we nicknamed "Lurch."

Buck said...

Nice pics!

Good on ya for learning how to shift for yourself. It's all about "being one" with the car... kinda Zen-like. But once you go there, ya can't go back, in most cases.

TSMP and I had a knock-down, drag-out, absolute WAR when we bought her Vette. She wanted an auto; I freaked. She won, tho. I couldn't argue the point she made: "It's MY car, and I want an automatic." So, we became one of the few families around that had a manual five-speed, four-door, family sedan (a SAAB) and a frickin' automatic Vette. That became a MAJOR embarrassment for me, later on... as I got the Vette in the divorce. Lotsa explanations required from there on in.

Inquiries said...

Diva: Learning to drive a standard is fun! LOL! When Lou and I were pulling out of the parking lot at the restaurant I killed it and there were about 6 guys standing there and laughing. I gave them a big smile and drove on.

Lou: Thank you!

Buck: Thank you.

I like standards, alot. My next car will be one.

A automatic Vette! That should be illegal! Sports are meant to be standards.
Is Miss Z. a standard or an auto?

Becky said...

This is the second post I've read this week about learning to drive a standard! I think that means I'm supposed to tell you about when I learned to drive a standard. I'll try to get it up this weekend.

Buck said...

Is Miss Z. a standard or an auto?

Miss Zukiko is a six-speed manual (foot-u-al?). There aren't many (if any... I can't name ONE) bikes with automatic transmissions, scooters aside. But scooters are to bikes as golf carts are to cars... (I hate the damned things, in case I wasn't clear. I think they're dangerous. They're basically unstable, evil-handling things and are cute enough to kill ya.)