Monday, April 14, 2008

Roses Part 1

Saturday after clothes shopping we went to Sam's Club with the mother and daughter that my mother and I went shopping with. The daughter's name is Allisa. She is going to Hawaii with me. I am introducing you to her (those of you who do not know her) because there will be many Hawaii stories with her in them. Allisa's mom had a few things to pick up at Sam's while she was doing that Allisa and I were wandering around Sam's. I found the flowers. I had no idea that Sam's would have such a large flower selection. There a wide selection of roses. In so many colors. They were beautiful! (that is why there are so many pictures!) I love roses too! I hope you enjoy the roses!


Bag Blog said...

You may have to print out some of the rose photos so we can paint them. They are great.

Inquiries said...

Yes I feel lots of flower paintings coming on.

Buck said...

Those ARE great pics!

At the risk of sounding like some sort of metrosexual, one of the things I miss about my former fixed-in-place life is cut flowers. There was a Mom 'n' Pop flower shop a block from my apartment in Berkeley and I always walked up there on Saturday mornings (or evenings, depending on when I wasn't at the office) to buy flowers. The lady that owned the shop and I became quite familiar, and she would give me such deals! Alas... there's no space these days for even a bud vase.

Sigh. Being mobile has its drawbacks...

Inquiries said...

Buck: Thank you! I love cut flowers. I would have them in the house all the time. It is a nice touch.

In one of your past posts you said that you were going to post interior pictures of the Casa. Did you? That would be interesting!

Not even room for a bud vase? How is there room for you? ;)

P.S. No one could ever mistake you for metrosexual.