Thursday, August 7, 2008


The other day someone said I was classy. What defines class and what makes class. Is it manners? Poise? What about a person makes them classy or not classy? It is more than being stylish. It is poise and manners. Is class defined by the way someone dresses or by the way they conduct themselves? In my opinion it is both. The way you dress reflects your taste. And taste is something that defines you. Some people have good taste some bad. Ones social distinction is not class. However that does not mean that they can or can not have class regardless of their social status. Social status does not form class. The lack of a high social status does not form it either. Class is not something that can be acquired by birth. It is matured and learned just as etiquette is. Class goes hand in hand with etiquette. In my opinion you can not have one with out the other.
Do I find myself classy. No, but I hope to be one day.


Bag Blog said...

I don't think I think in terms of "classy" or not. And I am not sure what defines classy. "Stylish" comes to mind, but then people are stylish in different ways. To me, you come across as the "all American girl" with your blonde hair and big blue eyes and your easy-going ways. Is that classy? Maybe so.

Buck said...

The way you dress reflects your taste.

Only in clothes. It's a rare day when you find me in anything other than Levi's and a tee shirt, no socks, and boat shoes. With an Air Force or Navy ball cap on my head, most likely. Unless I'm on my way to a wedding/funeral. So... by the "clothes make the man" definition, I'm a slob with low taste. I beg to differ!

All that said, I'm like Lou... I don't think in those terms. Being male, I appreciate physical qualities at first blush, then intelligence, then bearing, then... well, you get the idea, I'm sure. ;-)

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

all this talk of class and ettikett...nobody never 'cused me of them kinda words...course i been ta class wonst or twice and i did ettakett a couple times...they taste like catfish.