Monday, December 15, 2008

What Are You Doing!?

More of my adventurers working in the fitness industry.

The majority of the attendants of my classes are female. Have you ever tried to please twenty women at once? It's not possible! The subject of many comments in my classes are the music choices. There is a limited about of music to play and there is not one CD that pleases all of them. You play one and some people complain you play something to please them and the other group complains! It's impossible. So I play what I like. :D

Some of the workers at my gym can be rather rude. They are under the impression that they are the supreme rulers of the front desk and that everyone must have their okay anyone is hired. The first time I went to clock in one such ruler said to me What are you doing!? I said Clocking in. Why? You do not work here. Yes ma'am I do. Missy hired me as a fitness instructor. Well no one told me! One of the other women said well you are her boss no one had to tell you. I found that rather amusing. She still gives me a hard time when I ask for the keys to the aerobic room.

There are several different types of exercisers: A. The ones that are really there to work out. B The ones that are there to to tell their husbands they worked out and C the ones that are there because someone made them. My morning body sculpt class is filled with mostly B's some A's and C's are thrown in there. The B's do not like to be pushed. but I am a pusher. I know that they are capable of so much more than they do. If they are in my class I am going to make them work. That's my job. During class they hate me but after class they thank me for pushing them making them work harder. Sometimes we all need a little push. You should see the evil looks I get in the middle of class! If looks could kill I would be dead!

I taught a morning step class for my boss a few weeks ago, most of those ladies did not want to be there let alone awake! They asked me for no cardio bursts. I asked them why they said because they did not like them. They they asked for abs so they did not have to do 50 minutes of cardio. I gave them abs alright! They said they would never ask for abs again. (snicker)

That's all folks!


Becky said...

There are rude people everywhere! It sounds like you are a good instructor. When you are trying to get into shape, you need someone will push you.

Bag Blog said...

Those ladies at the front desk are one of the main reasons that I am no longer a member of the SC. I did go play VB with Jesse on Sunday. Jesse had forgotten her card and had to check in without it. She gave her name, and the girl at the desk said, "They have you listed as male." Jesse replied that it was the older ladies fault.

Buck said...

Hmmm. And here I thought the main purpose of a gym was to "meet people." I use the term loosely, of course. ;-)

Junk Diva said...

I think i am a type " C " personality!

Inquiries said...

Becky: Exactly

Lou: Most of them are better now but there are still some very rude ones.

Buck: That is what every one seems to think but they are under the wrong impression. (evil laugh)

Diva: LOL Want me to make you type A? ;)