Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rocky Balboa

Here is some of my gym stories.

There is a man that works out at the gym I call Rocky, he is guy who probably lifted a lot in his prime but he is no longer in his prime. He still tries to lift the same amount of weight. I use the word lift lightly. He really just struts around the weight room and grunts. He lifts three times then struts and grunts. When he can he gets as close to the mirror as possible. He is obviously finds himself very attractive. Watching him makes me laugh. Watching most of the men in the weight room is a very funny thing. It is a battle of egos in there. A lot of mirror winking and grunting. Very amusing!

This morning an older over weight man asked me what he needed to do to get a six pack. People over the age of 30 have a hard time maintaining a six pack. I said well I would recommend cardio first then when you get to the place you need to be then do an hour of abs a day. He said why do I need to do cardio, I said well you need to get rid of whats on top of the six pack to be able to see it. I was trying to be as tactful as possible. He said oh so you think I'm fat. At this point I did not really know what to say. or if there way any right answer. I said I did not say that. He said oh ok and walked off. It made me laugh. People ask the strangest things!

There is your post!


Buck said...

People over the age of 30 have a hard time maintaining a six pack.

That's oh-so-true. Mine tend to disappear after a day or two, at the most. I solved that problem by buying beer by the case. Much easier to maintain that way.

Becky said...

Ashley, you made me laugh so hard with this post! Watching men in the weight room truly is funny, especially when they are trying to show off to a pretty girl.

Inquiries said...

Buck: LOL. I was going to tell him why do you want a six pack when you have the whole ice chest?

Becky: It is funny watching them! I always get a kick out of it!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

i keep my six packs well hidden in the fridge in the garage. Occasionally, i'll move one for easier access.

Funny, though, i was just checking myself out in the mirror the other day...believe me...there weren't no gruntin' an winkin' it was more like growlin' and wincin'.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

oh yeah...and for the thin coulda said the old..."oh no sir, i think you're a shapely man...round is a shape."

Bag Blog said...

Next time someone asks how to get a six pack, just inform them that you are not 21 yet and would not know such things.

Inquiries said...

Jay: LOL that's so funny!

Lou: Good line!

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