Tuesday, May 20, 2008

There Is More Than One?!

I think my readers need a real post. I have not posted anything of substance in a long time.

I rented the Three Faces Of Eve from Netflix last week. If you have not seen it, I suggest that you do. It is about a woman with multiple personality disorder. It is based on a true story.

The concept of multiple personality disorder baffles me. I don't really see how it is possible. There are many things in psychiatry that I do not agree with. And this is one. I have never seen MPD first hand. So I can not say that it does not exist. But it still confuses me. How can two personalities occupy one body? In The Three Faces Of Eve the personalities are so different. There are only two at the beginning of the movie but later, another emerges. THREE! In ONE body. How is that possible? How can three "different" people occupy one body? The mind is one unit. Not several different units. You personality is controlled by your mind. One mind one personality. Right? I am in NO way well versed on MPD as you can tell by my bafflement of it. But the whole concept of it seems to ridicules to imagine. What I can not get past is the one mind one personality theory I mentioned above. From what I have read, the cause of the breaking of the personality into personalities, is a childhood trauma. A childhood trauma can cause many adverse affects that carry on into adulthood. But how can it cause a "break" of one person into two? After that one "break" several more can occur.

To cure MPD the personalities must merge together again. How can they make one again? Something that has been broken into several parts can not be merged again to make one. (With the exception of super glue but I don't think super glue will work on the the psyche)

This post is rhetorical. I do not expect an answer to any of the questions but if you can provide one please feel free!


Bag Blog said...

For me, it is MPD is a sure sign that there are demons and they do overtake a body.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

in the timeless words of Bernicus Maximus Leinz..."that one's got travellers."

Inquiries said...

Lou: Yes and it is scary.

Jay: Yes.

Buck said...

Well, there is an upside, right? You're never alone if you have MPD. ;-)

Nice pics and narrative elsewhere, Ash. I'm catching up.

Buck said...

ps: I like the new profile pic!

Inquiries said...

Buck: LOL!

Thank you on both counts.