Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Look Out Below!

One of the highlights of the trip! This was day 4, I think, in Hawaii. These guys likes having their picture taken.

The one below is a pose. I was snapping pictures and he said "Here take one more of me." Then he posed.
As you can see this one was a pose too.
Not a pose they were really working this time.
Yet another pose. We were on the third floor and that palm tree was right outside our balcony. Pretty cool huh! When he was climbing up the tree he was being macho and doing it without the rope. His buddy told him , in a language I did not understand, to put his rope on,
This is the mess that they made. The pool had debris in it as well.

Doesn't that look fun! I wanted to try. I took 42 pictures of those guys. I was fascinated. I think what they do it SO cool! There were about five guys doing the palm tree pruning. The two posted posed for me. They were quite funny!


Becky said...

Great photos! I know you enjoyed that photo session.

Science Geek said...

Those are some awesome pics! Shame they got palm leaves in the pool though...

Inquiries said...

Becky: Thank you.
What exactly are you implying? ;) jk.

SG: Thanks.

Sea-gal said...

I just got on the computer today and found out you are sick! I hope you're feeling better. Prayers for speedy and complete healing for you - God is good. Love to ya --

P.S. - LOVED the pics!

Bag Blog said...

Hmm, macho guys showing off for beautiful blonde with a camera - I think Becky is spot-on.

Inquiries said...

Sea-Gal: Thank you! I am feeling a little better today.

Lou: Thank you for the compliment! :)