Thursday, March 6, 2008

D.C. Part VI

The Final segment of the D.C. series. Enjoy!
This is a church I saw on the way to Ford's Theater. There was a big truck parked if front of it so i could not get a picture of the whole thing
Fount of Mt. Vernon. walking through the gates

The front door of Mt. Vernon
The barn at Mt.Vernon
The Back of Mt. Vernon

This is the final segment of the D.C. pictures. My post maybe light the next few days. I have not been feeling well.


Buck said...

I have not been feeling well.

Oh, not good, Ashley. Sorry to hear that and I hope you're better soon. Your pics are sterling, however. Thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

Great pictures. On our honeymoon, the ex and I drove all the way from DC (where he was stationed) to Mt. Vernon, then he didn't even want to go in. He'd already seen it when his grandparents had visited a few weeks before, and he didn't care to see it again. I asked him why we drove all that way if we weren't going to go in, and he said, "So you could say you've been here."

Inquiries said...

Buck: Thank you! You guys will see lots of Hawaii pictures too. LOTS. And some pictures frim my scuba diving. Underwater photos.

Becky: Did you go in? I would have left him in the car taken the keys and maybe cracked the windows. ;)

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...


Dawn said...

I'm so sorry, praying for the Lord to touch you, bringing His grace, peace and health to you body! :)
love you girl!

Inquiries said...

Jay: I am trying not to!

Dawn: Thank you!

Bag Blog said...

Get well. We missed you at art - no one to pick on.

We did not see Mt. Vernon on our trip, but it looks great.

Skybag said...

Wow! I've always wanted to go to Mt. Vernon!

Inquiries said...

Lou: No one to pick on? I am sure you found a replacement. ;)

Mt. Vernon was fun.

Jesse: Mt. Vernon was beautiful. I wish we were there in the spring though.