Friday, February 29, 2008

D.C. Part III

This post is dedicated to the Library of Congress. It is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. My pictures do not do it justice. Please excuse the quality of the pictures. Enjoy!
The beautiful Library of Congress
The lamp posts are cool
This is a side room in the Library. I was not supposed to be in there. Hehehe. The ceiling is not painted it is a mosaic. I could not resist taking pictures of that beautiful ceiling.
Beautiful, huh?
This is the hallway!
This is the big room in the Library.
This room was SO beautiful.

The work that is put into the ceiling is amazing
My pictures of this room do not do them justice.
Do these pictures make you want to visit the Library of Congress? It is worth the time!
To be continued......


Dawn said...

Wow,Ash, These are really great pictures, and yes,I would say they certainly spark a certain motivation for me to check out the real thing!!

Buck said...

Brilliant pics yet again, Ash. I think my neck would have hurt for a couple of hours after leaving the LoC. There's SO much detail in the ceilings...

Bag Blog said...

The mosaics reminded me of Ravenna, Italy, but their mosaics are a couple of centuries old. Jesse and I took photos, but we did not have the camera back then that we do today, so they are not on the computer. We did not go in the Library of Congress while in DC, but I love your pics.

Inquiries said...

Dawn: Thank you! You should check out the real thing.

Buck: Thank you. There is so much detail in the ceiling! I felt like I was looking up the whole time in DC. Tall buildings and beautiful ceilings!

Lou: Thank you. I imagine the mosaics in Italy are amazing!