Thursday, February 28, 2008

D.C. Part II

Here are more DC pictures. I am posting them now because I will be pressed for time later

The Old Post Office building
Another Capital pic
National Archives
Smithsonian Castle
Peterson House

It was SO cold the day we toured the capital. You can see the pond is frozen. These are pictures of the ceiling in the halls of the capital.
The ceilings are so beautiful
The rotunda.
The floor of the capital.
To be continued.


Buck said...

Once again: great pics. You have a very good eye, Ashley.

Did you happen to see C-SPAN's series they ran last Fall on the Capital? It was very cool... and I can't emphasize that enough. The series ran two hours per night for a week straight, if memory serves. It was one of the BEST documentaries I've ever seen on teevee... bar none. But nothing beats actually being there.

Inquiries said...

Thank you Buck. I did not see the C-SPAN series on the Capital. It sounds interesting. Maybe it cam out on DVD. I will look for it. The Capital is very beautiful. But the Library of Congress is amazing! There is NOTHING like the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress will be my next post. I may post more Capital pics too.