Thursday, February 28, 2008

For Sale:

Here is a sample of the humor of my father. We got into a discussion about selling things and the conversation got around to selling me. I asked if he would sell me for one million tax free dollars. He said " Yeah!" Me: "You would?" Him: Very seriously. "For a million tax free dollars, yes" My father is willing to sell me for a million tax free dollars. I think he partly serious too! Any takers? ;) LOL He gives me a very hard time. He says because I am the only one who can take it. I don't particularly like being sold into slavery. But hey, I might sell myself for a million tax free dollars! ;) I am taking bids. ;)


Buck said...

Hmmm. Terms? How much down? Think I could get the standard 30-year mortgage? VA?


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

I'm not sure the liquid value of gold, silver, and precious jewels was in the original investment plan...But hey, i respect your dad's decision. You know...come to think of it...taking the same strategy...we should be set come retirement age.

Inquiries said...

Buck: Terms well, for one let me keep my dogs. As for a down payment, the total payment will be required for me to be shipped.;)

Jay: You are pretty set!

Bag Blog said...

The Piper is counting his money, "Lets see, two Princess for the price of one million tax-free dollars each...I should be able to retire quite nicely."