Sunday, March 2, 2008

D.C. Part IV

This post is the Supreme Court, Capital, and Union Station. Enjoy!

Supreme Court. If you look closely you can see a net around the top of the building. Several weeks before we were there a piece of the marble broke off and fell on the steps of the SC.
The day we wanted to sit on the Supreme Court case unfortunately it happened to be the day Anna Nicole Smith's.
The Capital
The Capital (this is one of my favorite pictures I took in DC)
View from the steps of the Capital looking at the National Mall
We returned to the Supreme Court to find a shorter line. We Sat in on the Anna Nicole Smith case. I did not see her in the court room but later when she left I saw her.
Ceiling of Union Station
Union Station
Union Station

I hope you liked these pictures. The Union Station pictures are not very good.
To Be Continued...


Buck said...

I hope you liked these pictures.

I did. As I've said before: you have a good eye, Ashley.

Inquiries said...

Thank you Buck. I think there will be a few more installment in the DC series. If you guys can stomach anymore ;)