Monday, July 5, 2010

Snap snap!

I am currently working in a restaurant as a server, (I'm saving up money for school) for those of you who have ever waited tables you know just how difficult people can be. Sunday I had a table of two women. I had just stopped by the table to ask if they were ok and if they needed anything. As I was talking to another table one of the women starts snapping in the air to get my attention. I tried to ignore her as I took the order of the table I was speaking to. She said "hey you, HEY YOU!!!!!!!!! HEY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I said " One moment please." She replied with "Ok but make it snappy!" I returned to the snappy woman's table and she said " Is this the drink menu for the bar drinks?" With a tiny bit of sarcasm I said " Yes ma'am it says that on the front of the book." She replied with " Uh huh well we want our salads and make it snappy." I honestly do not understand how people can be so rude. Yes I wait tables but no where in that job description does it say " Your personal slave." Yes I work for tips, and those tips are dependent on how satisfied the guest is with my services but that does not make me their slave. That was a tiny rant i feel better now!

On the topic of tips, if you go to a restaurant where you have someone bring you drinks, take your order, bring your food, etc it is your obligation to tip them. They are responsible for you, their tables, and the side work and rolling silver regardless of if you tip them or not. Not only that but they have to do what is called a tip out on their total sales not total tips, total sales. We have to tip out the buss boy, the food runner, the hostess, and the bartender. If no one tipped you you are just giving money away. And with the $2.13 an hour i doubt you would have much to spare.


Bag Blog said...

Once again, life in the tourist trade has its problema's. I used to go stand in the walk-in cooler - to cool off:) Jes is headed to RR today - she quit her job with H. I guess I need to write and fill you in - if you want.

Becky said...

You are a better person than I am! There's no way I could put up with such rude behavior. I'd lose my job in heartbeat, because I'd be telling somebody off.

Inquiries said...

Lou: The walk in is a great place to cool off, sometimes I go in there and just sit for a few minutes.

Becky: I am not a better person I just need my job lol! That is not even close to the rudest thing that has ever happened either!

Buck said...

There's an ol' cliché about dating that advises women to pay attention to how their date treats the servers... to the effect of "if he's rude to them... run, don't walk to the nearest exit." That's equally true for women, as you've demonstrated. I wouldn't give those two "ladies" you ran into the time of day, under any circumstances.

Manners mean a LOT to me... it's THE primary indication of the personality that lies beneath the surface.

Thus endeth today's sermon. ;-)

Inquiries said...

Buck: That is very very true. They way people treat other people from their mothers to strangers is a good indication on how they will treat you.

You are right manners are very important they tell you so much about a person.