Wednesday, July 7, 2010

High in the sky

This picture was taken last summer. Good friends of mine own a para-sail and dolphin cruise company. Last summer I went ad flighting for them several times. On one of those occasions I asked the captain of the boat to please please not dunk me in the water he was true to his word but a friend of his on a jet ski decided it would be funny to soak me in his wake. Needless to say I was drenched. I was flying with this 13 year old boy who was very very nervous about being so high up in the air. He got quite the shock too! Boys will be boys I guess!


Bag Blog said...

That does look like fun. Jesse did some parasailing in Mexico when she had her diving fiasco. She loved the sailing.

Buck said...

I have this fear of heights... and just looking at the picture makes me ALL queasy.

Inquiries said...

Lou: I love parasailing it is a blast I have not been this year though.

Buck: I'm deathly afraid of bugs so I can't make fun of you for being afraid of heights.