Saturday, July 19, 2008

Stupid Signs.

This sign was in our hotel room in Honolulu. It made me laugh. Where else is one going to bathe? The tiny sink? The toilet? Where? After reading this sign I got mental images of bathing in the sink. Or trying to. How, may I ask, am I going to fit in a sink no bigger than a volley ball?
That sign made me think about stupid signs and warning labels. I know that companies must put these kinds of warnings to protect themselves. But really do I need a sign telling me I should bathe in the tub?

I found this one in a Google search for stupid signs.

I would rather die of dehydration than drink out of a public toilet! EWWWWWWW!

Are people so stupid they need signs saying not to drink out of the toilet? I would hope not!
My dog does not even drink out of the toilet!

I hope humanity is smart enough not to drink out of toilets. If not we have serious problems.


Jenn said...

Good Lord ! It's crazy what some people really do need to be told!

Becky said...

You must not be aware, then, that research has shown that most people's toilets are actually cleaner than their kitchens.

Inquiries said...

Jenn: I know! I know!

Becky: Well hopefully they were not talking about public toilets! EEEEEWWWWWWWWW!

The cleanest public bathroom I have ever seen was in the Oklahoma City airport. The toilet had a plastic cover that you rotated before you used it! Everything else was very clean too.

Buck said...

Where else is one going to bathe? The tiny sink? The toilet? Where?

There's a VERY good reason the sign is also in Japanese... coz the Japanese bathe outside of the tub... which is to say wetting themselves down, lathering up, and rinsing. They then get IN the tub to finish their bath with a soak. From The Wiki:

The room containing the bathtub is waterproof with a space for washing, and often for showering, adjacent to (rather than in) the tub. As a result, bathwater is neither soapy nor dirty, and can be reused.

When you come right down to it, the Nipponese have a batter take on bathing and the bath than we do. IMHO.

Buck said...

batter = better

Buck said...

Well... I'm gonna hog the comments on this post, I guess. I should mention that there's also a ritual "order of bathing" in (traditional) Japanese families: Dad, oldest male child, followed by younger males, female children, and finally... Mom. EVERYONE soaks in the same water; the tub is usually filled every other day or so and is kept warm by a removable cover... and the soaking tub has its own gas-fired heater, which may or may NOT be thermostatically controlled. One has to remember to turn the heater off manually, if there's no thermostat... otherwise the heater will keep on heating until the water literally boils. (That was back in the '70s, I'm sure ALL tubs have thermostats, these days.)

Those manual gas heaters were a fire hazard, too. Two American college kids in the apartment below TSMP's place left their ofuro (bath) heater on when they left for school one morning and nearly burnt down the whole damned apartment house; their apartment was a total loss from the resulting fire. THAT lil event was quite exciting, to say the very least...

Dang. Here's my blog post for the day, and it's in your comments section, Ash. LOL!

Dawn said...

That's okay Buck that was cool reading, who cares where you read it :)
Ash, I would have thought the same thing but now that Buck's educated us...

Inquiries said...

Buck: You are right about the sign. I never thought about it that way! Considering the number of Japanese tourist that visit Honolulu! Thanks for the info Buck!

Dawn: Yes Buck is always full of interesting information!

Buck said...

Dawn: Yes Buck is always full of interesting information!

Interesting, but fundamentally useless!