Friday, July 18, 2008

Dole Plantation 2

Dole Plantation Maze ! Allisa and I completed it. It took us a little over an hour.
Walking thought the gates as we finished the maze. It was hard! But fun. Dad and my brother did not finish. My brother tried for three hours.

Red Silk Hibiscus

Bird of Paradise


Anonymous said...

My favorite flower is the hibiscus. I would have loved to see them in person. You are a very lucky lady!!!

Buck said...

Mazes always make me feel stupid. My sense of direction is pretty good, but not after being turned around and around in a maze.

One of the more interesting ones I've been in was in London, where there was a guy sitting in a very high chair perched above the maze, shouting insults at the folks who were obviously lost. They were good-natured insults, and quite funny, too. But they were still insults, LOL! ;-)

(The guy would direct you out of the maze, if you REALLY needed directions. Most folks [including me] didn't need his help, tho.)

Inquiries said...

Carrie: I took TONS of hibiscus pictures.

Buck: The London maze sounds funny!

This maze you have to find these stations with stencils. To complete the maze, you have to have all the stenciled items on your card. It was fun!

Jenn said...

I bet it was fun,the kids would love it! Great flower shots!

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures, and the maze sounds like lots of fun! I've never been in one, though somewhere around here are a couple of corn mazes in the fall.

Becky said...

P.S. I finished the maze at the website, but it's unlikely that I'll ever make it to Hawaii to use the coupon!

Inquiries said...

Jenn: It was a blast! Thank you!

Becky: Thank you! I had never been in a maze before either. We did the coupons too. I bought a shirt.

Bag Blog said...

The maze does sound fun. I saved a couple of the photos - maybe they will get painted.