Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh What To Say?

I have no idea what to post anymore. I have posted so many Hawaii pictures I am sure you are all tired of those. I don't really have anything to say. So what do I post? I have used pictures as a excuse not to post words. I have words to say, but when it comes to putting them down I freeze. I have so many posts I have started and not finished about a variety of subjects. Ranging from money matters to social matters. I think it all hinges from not being confident in my writing abilities. I tend to ramble and sound like an idiot. Sometimes I think and think about what I write and sometimes I just type and publish. I know the lack if my word posts hinges on my poor writing ability. To improve one must practice. I need to write about everything. I am publicly holding myself accountable for posting words. Improving my writing ability, word usage, vocabulary and grammar. You are all free to correct any errors you see in my posts. My typos are bad! I need to work on that too!


pisceshanna said...

You could post your top 5 favorite chick flicks of all time. Who doesn't love movies?

Buck said...

You're on the right track when you say "practice," Ash. It may sound trite, but it's oh-so-very true.

Good writers are usually voracious readers, as well, coz reading the "good stuff" (and knowing the difference between "good" and bad writing) will improve your writing. There's nothing wrong with emulating your favorite writers.

Another thing that seems to help is to write something... anything... and then put it away for a day or so. Pull it up after the time has passed, read, and edit. Time has a way of freshening your POV about your own stuff. Dunno if you write in Word and then cut 'n' paste into Blogger's compose screen, but that helps, too, especially with typos. Word is VERY good about flagging mis-spellings and grammar... but sometimes you have to trust yourself and not some coder at Microsnot... their grammar "suggestions" are sometimes just simply WRONG. That said: I rarely compose a post directly in Blogger.

Anyhoo. Just a few thoughts off the top of my head. Keep at it, Ash. You're improving and that's plain for all to see!

Dawn said...

Much agreed to what Buck said to you Ash. I enjoyed your People post too by the way, I'm just too lazy to post two comments. Now how bad is that!!

Becky said...

Just Post. It doesn't really matter what you post about. It doesn't matter what you say. Just post something. Anything. In time, it will get easier.

Bag Blog said...

Buck gave you some good advice. Writing is like painting - sometimes you just have to do it. Jump in, write, go back, look it over and refine what needs help.

Inquiries said...

Pisceshanna: Good Idea!

Buck: Thank you! I appreciate your advice!

Dawn: Thanks!

Becky: I think I am too too much of a perfectionist.

Lou: Just set it down for awhile, like I do my painting. That does help! It gives you another out look on it. Some of my best paintings are those I "finished" and later fixed.