Saturday, June 21, 2008

Corn, Corn, Corn, and MORE CORN!

This year my father planted seven one hundred foot rows of corn.

Guess what! They are ready. So today I have shucked, washed, and cut corn off the cob.
Lots of corn, I have cut about 200 ears off the cob and there is tons left to go! There are two wheelbarrows of unshucked corn left. Busy Busy!

psssssssst...... I don't even really like corn! I never eat it. When you have it 2 times a week for 2 years it gets a little old.


Buck said...

This post brings back fond memories. I had a humongous garden when I lived in OKC; TSMP and I spent hours doing just what you're doing: shucking corn, cutting it off the cob, blanching it, bagging it, freezing it... and BEST of all: eating it.

Going out to the garden and "picking dinner" during the summer is one of my favorite memories of Oklahoma.

Becky said...

I don't really like corn either, unless it is ground into meal and wrapped around fish just before they are fried. Yummmmmm...

Course of Perfection said... don't like corn?! Save your portions for me!

Inquiries said...

Buck: Gardening has it benefits yes. But a reasonable size garden would be nice. Not 84 tomato plants. lol

Becky: I like corn chips. :)

Perfection: OK! Deal!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said... with all the flooding in Iowa and the entire northern mississippi river area, corn and all corn biproducts are going to go thru the roof. Praise your dad now for his forethought.

Inquiries said...

Jay: Don't encourage him!