Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blue Planet

My poor readers have been clamoring for a real post. I hope this is works.

Today I was thinking about my love for the ocean. I had, mind you, only been to the ocean two times before Hawaii. But I love it. Everything about it. It's moods it's creatures it's depths. The ocean is a realm that very few see. The creatures in it are alien to most. It is an undiscovered land. It holds great beauty and also great danger. But my love for it still grows. The beauty attracts me, the danger intrigues me.

Lou has been writing about her love for the mountains. I am a mountain girl born and raised. But my true love is the ocean. I love the salt spray on my face as I am standing in the bow of the ship. I love the cool refreshing waters, and the beautiful creatures that live in them. My love for it is a new and undiscovered love. It may fade with time but it will never die.

My first boat experience was not a pleasant one as you all know. But the second was was amazing. I rode on the bow of the boat with the salt spray in my face. Saw the many colors of the water. Watched as the coral passed under foot. That is a very unique experience. You feel free, you can let everything go and just enjoy it. Swimming with the dolphins and manta rays was an amazing experience. Scuba diving is amazing as well. I love it. I would scuba dive anywhere. Swimming pools, lakes, anywhere where there is water. I love that too. To put it simply I am a water person. I love to be on or in the water.

Oh how I need a yacht! Or a beach house. ;)


Dawn said...

Your post is great Ash, Stirs up some memories of summers spent in Tampa, Florida visiting my Grandparents, lots of cool ocean spray and white sand in the britches :) Grandmother had a shed with a built in shower we all had to use before coming in the house after those beach ventures, smart woman!

We've been toying with the idea of a trip back to Tampa this year, should we decide to go I'll call you and you can come with as my personnel diving teacher :) lol!

Bag Blog said...

I'm a mountain girl, but the first time I saw the ocean I was so excited (I was 25). Yet I knew with my first taste (and I do mean taste) of the ocean, it was not my love. I like to visit, but it is too gritty and salty for me.

Bag Blog said...

By the way, Ashley, you know you are my favorite.

The Slave Driver

Inquiries said...

Dawn: Thank you, a fellow ocean lover!

Lou: Yes the ocean does not taste good. But you get used to it. Or at least I did.

Yes Madam Slave driver! ( she made me stay at art and paint yesterday, MADE me!) :)

Buck said...

Oh how I need a yacht! Or a beach house. ;)

In Oklahoma? Methinks you're gonna have to re-locate, M'Dear... ;-)

Looking back on it (life), I think I've spent about half my life within an hour or less (MUCH less, in most places) of the ocean, and half of it 1,000 miles or more removed. The best of the ocean locations was Oregon, especially during the storms that rolled in. Huge waves crashing on jagged rocks have a power and beauty all their own.

Anonymous said...

I'm an ocean lover too! I've been to the ocean twice. The Alaskan coast is one for beauty. So wonderful.
Galveston is not Hawaii, but it is nice. Which in August we're going again.
And a beach house? Josh and I are seriously thinking about buying one in the someday soon. Then you can come with us and scuba dive!!
Oh ya let's do something soon.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

ahhhhhh yes...yeeeeeessss. Those Corona commercials do it for me. I've always been a more of a mountain man...but when i watch those commercials...i can see...just...yeah.

Inquiries said...

Buck: I think so too!

Rugged coasts are beautiful!

Hannah: Oh you are going to the ocean! Have fun!
Your plan sounds fun to me.

Just give me a call when ever, I am not very busy. lol. Do you have my cell number?

Jay: Yes I like those commercials.

Sea-gal said...

You're a girl after my own heart! I (obviously) LOVE the ocean as well. I love everything about the ocean, the smell, the wind, the birds (pelicans are my favorite) the shrimp boats, the FOOD, the vastness, just everything. I look forward every year to our trip to the beach - it's a renewal of sorts!