Friday, May 30, 2008

Think Before You Speak


"The faults of commission are far more serious than those of omission; regrets are seldom for what you left unsaid.
The chatterer reveals every corner of his shallow mind; one who keeps silent can not have his depth plumbed.
Don't pretend to know more than you do. To say you have read a book and then seemingly to understand nothing of what you have read, proves you a half-wit. Only the very small mind hesitates to say " I don't know."
Above all, stop and think what you are saying! This is really the first, last and only rule. If you 'stop' you can't chatter or expound or flounder ceaselessly, and if you think, you will find a topic and a manner of presenting your topic so that you neighbor will be interested rather than long-suffering.
Remember also that the sympathetic (not apathetic) listener is the delight of delights. The person who looks glad to see you, who is seemingly eager for your news, or enthralled with your conversation; who looks at you with a kindling of the face, and gives you spontaneous and undivided attention, is that one to whom the palm for the art of conversation would undoubtedly be awarded. "
--Etiquette By Emily Post, 1922 ©


Buck said...

This goes hand-in-hand with one of my favorite sayings:

"It's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're an idiot than to speak and confirm the impression."

Or words to that effect... I write from memory here.

Emily Post is really timeless. Yeah, there's a lot of anachronistic stuff in her writing to laugh at, but her core values are timeless. I will never complain when you post Post. (heh)

By the way... would you try turning off the word verification... just as a favor to me? I'm on my third frickin' try to post this comment, and that just irritates the HELL out of me! I've had mine turned off for about three weeks now and have had zero spam.

Inquiries said...

Buck: I like that saying.

Yes Ms. Post is timeless. I love her book. She is a lady.

Yes Buck I will turn it off for you. Since you ask so sweetly. But if I do get spam it is your fault! You remember that! ;)

Sea-gal said...

Hmmmm...!! Isn't there another published book that mentions the folly of "empty words" and keeping quiet?!!! You are always so interesting Ashley! I love to read your blog and I'm never disappointed! Keep it going (and the pics)!

Buck said...

Thanks, Ash. I'll take full responsibility for any and all spam you get!

Inquiries said...

Sue: Thank you!

Buck: Your Welcome.