Saturday, May 31, 2008


towards those who still want to This is one month old lava. The lava came over a residential area. Many people's land was destroyed. The state still makes them pay taxes on the land but refuses to let the occupy it for several years. Many people surrender their land to the state. Others live there without electricity and city water. The state used to prohibit this but is has become more lenient occupy their land, but still do not allow them to have city utilities.

The lava over the road.

This is the piece of lava rock I brought home. There is a superstition about the goddess of the volcano in Hawaii. Her name is Pele. ( pronounced paylay) If you take anything that is hers (lava rock, black sand, ect. ) You will be cursed until you send it back. People have sent back shoes because the walked on the lava rock with them! I am not afraid of superstitions. It is not against the law to take a piece of lava rock. When the rocks are sent back they are thrown behind the park rangers garage. Not returned to the park, thrown behind a garage.
There are wild chickens every where in Hawaii
By day. The lava is goes into the water causing the steam. Sorry for the quality of the next pictures. The zoom of my camera is not telephoto and is was dark. No tripod.
By Night


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Cool...just freaking cool...well not really i suppose...its actually pretty freaking hot!

Becky said...

Cool pictures! I've got some lava from Mt. Vesuvius. It didn't erupt while I was there, but you could see the steam coming up from the cracks in the rocks. One of the local guides told us that they call it Balla Del Diabolo--or the Devil's Dance.

Sea-gal said...

Well, I was thinking just how cool these picture are - until I went to comment and saw Piper's comment. So, I agree 100% with him - These are some really HOT pictures!!! I know the camera doesn't do the actual scene justice but you're doing a GREAT job with the pics! Love them!

Inquiries said...

Jay: Thank you!

Becky: Wow! There was steam coming out in the ground in Hawaii. Many places near the volcano.

Sue: Thank you!

Buck said...

You will be cursed until you send it back. ... I am not afraid of superstitions.

Well, there are superstitions, and then there's messing with the local deity. I've never been of a mind to irritate any god or goddess, personally. ;-)

The pics ARE cool. It's the subject matter that's hot! (Insert yet another smiley-face thingie here)

Thanks for killing the word verification "feature," Ash. I'm wishing everyone would do the same.

Junk Diva said...

Maybe the park rangers name is Pele!!!!!!!

Inquiries said...

Buck: Thank you and you are very welcome.

Diva: LOL!