Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Round and Round We Go

The flight from Honolulu to OKC was mostly uneventful. I will share more on that later. I will try to blog the Hawaii trip chronologically.

Day one in Hawaii:

Keahou. There are large ethnic food sections. I like grocery stores. Not super Wal-Marts. HereDay one in Hawaii consisted of a little site seeing, resting, and errands. Familiarizing ourselves with the grocery stores, restaurants ect. I was most impressed with the KTA grocery store in in The Middle-of-Nowhere we do not have good grocery stores just a super wally world, and NO ethnic food sections. We lack further in restaurants. But I won't go into that. This is a sad post. I am tired that is a huge part of it. Hopefully the narration of day two is more interesting!

I did not take many pictures the first day. But here are two flower pictures I took.


Dawn said...

The purple flower is so awesome!!
I'm thrilled you guys made it home!
We missed you lots and lots!
Take your time with the blogging we'll wait till you get good and warmed up:)
So far it sounds like you ate good this trip:) heh, heh

Sea-gal said...

When we went to Hawaii, my mother took a picture of every flower she saw, I think! She made my dad pull over every five minutes to take another picture! I think I took a picture of every WATERFALL I saw - there was one around every bend in the road. Thanks for reminding me of that time! More pics! More pics! (When you rest up) :)

Course of Perfection said...

Glad you're home! I saw your Dad & Donny at church. Nice to see those bright, shining faces.

I like the purple flower too. Can't wait to see more.

Junk Diva said...

Yes, your home. Now why are you tired you have laid around on a tropical island for 2 weeks????? LOL Can't wait for the pic.s.

Buck said...

Hey! Welcome back! You were missed, ya know.

Hawaii has some of THE most awesome vegetation on the planet, the flowers being the most brilliant, of course. I like the pics you've put up!

I hear ya about grocery stores in your part of the world... I have the same sort of issues. That said, I have something in the way of a life-saver: the commissary out at the base, which has a pretty big selection of ethnic foods. Why? Coz GIs have this habit of marrying women from other countries and bringing them back to the USofA... and those women want a lil taste of home. The AF, thank God, accommodates 'em by stocking the commissaries with lotsa European and Asian foodstuffs.

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures.

Hey, I understand that vacationing can be tiring. Just take your time, and rest up. The stories will wait, and so will I.

Funny thing about our town. You know how the anti Walmart folks are always carping that they drive mom and pop businesses out of business? Well, here, it is the other two chain grocery stores that closed down. Kroger and Piggly Wiggly both closed within two years of Super Wal-mart opening. The mom and pop is still going strong!

I miss Kroger.

Inquiries said...

Dawn: Thank you!

SG: LOL! I have so so so many pictures!

Perfection: Thank you.

Diva: I can see I am not getting any sympathy from you! LOL!

Buck: So you missed me huh? ;)

Hawaii does have the most beautiful vegetation. Everything flowers and not just in the spring but all year long!

Thank gawd for the USAF!

Becky: Vacation can be tiring!

Good for the Mom 'n' Pop!
There is a Kroger in the city my grandmother lives in. I really like it! They have everything!

Bag Blog said...

I drool at the sight of Market Street (United) in WF.

We will be painting flowers from now until next year.