Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well That Was Odd!

Today after Art at Lou's I stopped at the post office. This is the conversation that followed:

Guy: Hello.
Me: Hello.
Guy: Can I bum a smoke?
Me: What?
Guy: Can I bum a smoke?
Me: A smoke? (I am very confused at this point. This guys does not look like the kind of guy that bums cigarettes off of people and I do not have any cigarettes.)
Guy: Yes, a cigarette.
Me: I don't have any cigarettes. I don't smoke.
Guy: Yes you do. They are in your back pocket.
Me: No, I don't! I do not smoke.
Guy: Yes you do. You have a package of cigarettes in your back pocket.
Me: No I don't. That is my phone. ( I pull it out and show it to him)

My phone is a red RAZOR. It in no way resembles a package of cigarettes. It is too thin.
That has be one of the weirdest conversations I have ever had. I do not smoke. Never have and never will. I do not look like a smoker but I guess they come in all shapes and forms.
But it made me think that my back pocket is not the best place for my phone. Would it look less like a package of ciggies in my front pocket. ;)


Junk Diva said...

Ash my girl, I don't think he was interested in a smoke! Don't talk to strange men.

Inquiries said...

Yes Mommy.

Bag Blog said...

If you do talk to strange men, just start talking politics - it seems to throw them.

Anonymous said...

It would have been even funnier if you had said "It's my phone....and I'm going to use it to call the police / my bouncer boyfriend, Hank right now"


Laurie said...

Was he good looking? If so, the proper response would be, "I don't smoke, but you can buy me a cup of coffee."

Becky said...

Gotta agree with Junk Diva. He just wanted to look at your, uh, back pocket!

Buck said...

I won't offer any advice, Ash. Ya gots plenty of that, LOL! ;-)

But(t)... smokers DO come in all shapes and sizes, speaking as an ex-smoker, of course. And we're not all bad people... Coz Obama does it. Can't be ALL bad, then. ;-)

Inquiries said...

Lou: I will do that again. Sometimes when I do not want to speak to a guy that keep leering at me I pretend I do not speak English. I usually speak French.

Laura: That would have been funnier. Thanks for stopping by!

Laurie: No he was not good looking. He was a little creepy.

Becky: LOL

Buck: I was not saying that smokers are bad people in anyway. My Aunt smokes and she is a wonderful person.
I would not measure much by Obama. ;)

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Now that's a way to start a conversation!

guy: hey could i get beer from ya?

girl: excuse me?

guy: isn't that a beer in your back pocket?

no: its a .223 shell for my AR-15, i'm licensed to use it, wanna see it REAL CLOSE, cuz apparently you need some glasses?

guy: uhhh no, guess not...later

Inquiries said...

Jay: LOL