Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Selling My Baby!?

Well, I am between a rock and a hard place. Two weeks ago a man emailed me about buying Sydney. This morning his wife called me for some more information. He also emailed me again today. They are interested in buying her. I breed Bull Terriers to sell but Syd is four months old. I have cared for her before she breathed her first breath. I helped bring her into the world. I stayed up all night to help her mother birth her. Got up every two hours to feed her until she was two weeks old. Every four to six hours after that until she was old enough to go all night. I house broke her and and trained her. Raising puppies is not as easy as many think. If you have several hours I will tell you all about it. But I love dogs and puppies. I would keep every puppy I have cared for if I could. But I breed to sell not to keep. I guess if you get down to it I would not mind selling Syd if she went to a good home. But I also would not mind keeping her. :) If the buyers follow through selling her will be a good thing. But if they don't then I get to keep my Syd! I guess I will just take what comes. I have a feeling that they will not follow through. *crossing my fingers*


Bag Blog said...

I know you would hate to see Syd go, but you are always practical. It will all work out. There will be more puppies.

Dawn said...

That's a good peaceful way to look at the situation, Ash. She is certainly a fine looking example of her breed.!!

Junk Diva said...

A taste of watching our babies leave home. She is a cutie, you have done a fine job with her.

Inquiries said...

Lou: Yes there will be more puppies.

Dawn: She is a cutie.

JD: Thank you. Yes an empty nester.