Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Camera

I got a new camera. I have always loved photography. I also like to have a camera that can fit in my purse. To capture paint worthy moments. It is a Canon SD800.
The camera has a color accent feature. You can choose a color to be displayed and the rest is black and white. It also has a color swap feature. Any color can be swapped for another color
There is not much to talk pictures of in Oklahoma in the winter. Every thing is dead!
This is another color accent picture. It picked up on the red of the trampoline and Chandler.

I am still learning so the pictures are not great. Hopefully it will improve with time.


Bag Blog said...

I like the new camera. Look out Hawaii! The color/black and whites are interesting. I can't wait to see future photos for art.

Dawn said...

Yeah, new camera. Looks like your in for a lot of fun!! :) I love that like mine, it fits in the purse, next time I see ya let's have a quick draw and see who snaps the best photo the fastest lol!

inpassing said...

So your camera will make everything else black and white and color just certain things? Hmmmm

Buck said...

Nice camera... VERY nice. I see Rockwell likes it a LOT, and that's a Good Thing.

OTOH, I just spent nearly an hour on his site... and that's not such a Good Thing. I've places to go, yadda, yadda!

Inquiries said...

Lou: I am looking forward to Hawaii. My memory card holds 3,440 pictures hehehehe. Blog readers beware!

Dawn: You are faster I can guarantee it!

Inpassing: Yes, I think it is pretty cool.

Buck: I would say that Rockwell likes it too. ( I agree with most of his opinions of the camera. He is a Mac guy) Nuff said! ;)