Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Lou!

Happy Birthday Lou!
I want to thank you for all that you have put forth toward my life. You have inspired me to be a better artist and person. You have laid down you life for me. Shared you talent for art and young people. You have taught me to paint what I see. You have made me achieve what I did not think was possible. You have inspired me in every aspect of my life. I value you so much. You are a wonderful teacher, wife, mother grandmother, and friend. I love spending time with you. We have laughed together many times. Cried together too. You have put up with my whining. (even though you hit me once ;) You are one of the people that set me toward the "high-way" and kept me on it. I don't think you realize how much you have influenced my life. You inspired me to paint and found my style of painting. I am trying to put into words how you have influenced my life and how much I love you. I can't because it is beyond words. I just want to tell you thank you and that I love you. I am thankful for you, Lou.

P.S. Thank you Jesse for the pictures!

P.S.S I did not even make any 50 jokes! Aren't you proud of me.


Buck said...

Lou is indeed a wonderful person, and is quite possibly the best friend I've never met. That sounds odd, but we go back over two years as Blog-Buddies. Some day Toby, Lou, and I will have afew beers together. And you can come, too, Ashley! ;-)

You wrote a great tribute...thanks for that!

Laurie said...

Awww, this is a nice post, about one of my best friends I never met too... I always thought Lou and I would have quite a riot if we ever got together. :) Thank you for your words.

Junk Diva said...

Well said Sunshine, you speak for many.

Dawn said...

this was a precious share Ash,I'm very thankful to be connected to Lou and you both! Thanking the Lord for such good friends

Inquiries said...

Buck: Thank you Buck. Name the time and place and I will be there. ;)

Laurie: Thank you

Diva: Thank you

Dawn: Thank you. I am thankful for you too.

Bag Blog said...

Oh my sweet Ashley, if you only knew how much I love you and enjoy our time together. As the Junk Diva called you "Sunshine" the name is so appropriate, because you bring light into my world. Your tribute to me was lovely and encouraging, but you make teaching so easy. It is not just your talent (cause you are certainly talented) but it is your willingness to try anything, attack a painting, learn new things - all with joy and laughter. We definitely have a connecting spirit in our love for the Lord, art, dogs, mountains, etc. Maybe it is that sign on our foreheads (the one that says "will fight if provoked") that makes us connect. I just feel that you are not just a student of mine, but a good friend, an equal, and a sister. Thank you so much for your very sweet words - I love you too.

Buck and Laurie, you are both great blogger friends, and someday I do want to meet you in person and have a cold beer. I know we would have a great time together.

Inquiries said...

Lou: Thank you. You have always treated me as a equal. Thank you for that. I feel that I am . I feel I am your good friend not just your art student. I look forward to art every week not just for the painting (which I love) but to spend time with you. We always have fun. I am so thankful for you Lou.

Bag Blog said...

By the way, there is a reason that I do not post pics of myself - you and Jes are in big trouble...When I saw the pics, I said to Jes, "Oh my gosh, look how big my legs are..." Jesse said, "But you look so happy." Fat and happy - that's me. Then I pointed out that my jeans are rolled up in one pic. Jesse said, "And you are a little nerdy, but that is okay."

Inquiries said...

Lou, I like the pictures of you! I knew I would get into trouble for it. hehehehe. Whacha ya gonna do to me? ;) I noticed your rolled up pants too. But I have short legs also so I understand. LOL.