Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oh! What a Beautiful Morning!

Today was a cold and wet day here in OK. I like days like this they are lazy and relaxing. But my day was not lazy and relaxing. I had scuba classes today from noon to 6pm. I love scuba diving. I love the water. If I were to be a mythical creature I would be a mermaid. Today we were practicing rescuing divers. The instructors pair you up and you rescue each other. I, of course, was paired up with a man who weights at least 300 lbs. The instructors should have paired him with someone who was.... well, closer to his size. That sounds mean. But it is true. First he "rescued" me. I say rescued lightly. Drowned is more appropriate. If I were really in need of rescuing I would have drowned. He could not find the hose to inflate his BC. For my non-diver readers a BC is a buoyancy compensator. It is like a life jacket that you can inflate and deflate. He inflated my BC and used me as a flotation device. Thus drowning me. Luckily I still has my regulator in my mouth. After my "rescue" It was my turn to rescue him. Keep in mind that he is quite a bit larger that I am. I rescued him but it was quite difficult. His BC is too small for him and it did not adequately keep him afloat. I was keeping him afloat with my BC, kicking, and sheer will. I had to pull him through the water the length of the pool. (More sheer will) I feel I can adequately rescue someone now. ;)


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

See...much better. the way i look at it...if i don't have anything to write...don't force will languish in the pit of mediocrity.

That whole scenario reminds me of that Bud Light commercial. It would've been highly entertaining to show the same type of clips of you:

looking at the 'partner' then at your instructor..."dude"

said partner struggling with trying to 'save' you...earning another "dude"

and finally, the stream of "dudes" coming out of your regulator filled mouth...

THAT would have been funny.

Buck said...

THAT would have been funny.

Agreed, Jay. Great link!

I'm sorta amazed you actually succeeded in rescuing the guy, tho, Ashley. But in a real drowning situation we wouldn't have the option of choosing someone more equal to our size/weight, eh?

Actually, I hope someone like you is around if I ever get caught in a situation like that. I can't swim for Shinola.

Inquiries said...

Jay: You should have seen him "rescue" me! I have never thought about using the person you are saving as a flotation device! You would have laughed at me. After he "rescued" me the instructor said I think you need to do that again. You just killed her.

Buck: Yes I rescued him. But afterwards I should have been checked for hernias. ;) You are right in a real drowning situation you can not choose the victim. But for my first rescue I would have preferred someone slightly smaller. I would rescue you if you needed it. Hey you don't have to worry about if I can do it. ;)

Bag Blog said...

I laughed and laughed at your description of rescuing the large man. Then I read it out loud to Jesse so she could laugh too.

Inquiries said...

Lou: You should have seen it!

Dawn said...

I'm late with my comment but better late than never:)
Ash, very cute story

Anonymous said...

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