Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh To Be A Fish

I am off to be a fish today. I have not been swimming in a week and I need the water. I love to swim. I am a mermaid at heart. ;) I will post more later. Hopefully I can think of something to write about.

Update: 4:35 pm
I just got home from swimming and errands. I have to tell you the about my pool experience.

If there are three vacant lanes why must someone swim in mine! This happens to me EVERY time. A man gets into my lane and starts swimming. I am thinking what is wrong with him. Can he not see that there are open lanes? Usually, it is one swimmer per lane. Unless the other lanes are occupied. But today they were not. I moved to a different lane and someone got into my lane again. I moved again and the same thing happened! Eventally there were not more lanes to move to. And of course the last person that got into my lane was really weird.


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Funny, i regard anyone who can't stay out of the net playing volleyball a fish. So, naturally, when you said that i thought you were playing somewhere...without me. Thanks for the clarification.

Inquiries said...

I am TERRIBLE at volleyball. The chances of me actually playing it are slim to none.

Bag Blog said...

Everyone wants to swim with a mermaid.

Piper, volleyball fish do not bother me half as much as people who palm the ball or actually throw it with their fingers, I mean fins, and they think they are spiking the ball or playing really well.