Monday, February 25, 2008

The Birth Of Feminism And The Death Of Chivalry

Disclaimer: This post may be controversial. Put you are reading my blog so this is my opinion.

With the birth of feminism came the death of chivalry. Women no longer wanted men to open doors for them, help them put on their coats, or carry their bags. The feminist woman could do it herself and did not need a mans help. She wanted to make her way with out a man. She thought she did not need men. The feminist woman would soon regret what she had killed. . Men were rejected when the offered to help the new feminist woman. She did not need him she could make her own way! The men soon stopped offering to help the new feminist woman and they did not teach their sons to be chivalrous. The new feminist woman saw men as a threat and her competition. She did not want his help. That was a sign of weakness. She started competing with him in the work place. Competing with him for higher wages. He was no longer an ally but an enemy. Feminism killed chivalry. Chivalry is not completely dead. It can be revived. I do not think it ever will be. Feminism is not the only thing that has diminished chivalry. But is has crippled it. There have been benefits in feminism. But the feminist movement has been taken too far. Now when a man opens a door for a woman she is skeptical of him. She thinks he wants something. Woman are surprised if a man is nice to her. Woman are trying to restore chivalry. Mothers, fathers, men, and women need to take steps to restore chivalry and kindness in and to both sexes. I am not a feminist. I am glad I have the right to vote and the right to equal wages.


Bag Blog said...

It's a case of a good thing gone too far. When the women's movement started, it was about equal pay for equal work, women getting an equal chance at promotions, etc. There were some wrongs that needed to be righted. Equal oppurtunity is not a bad thing, but then some women took off with their craziness and "man-hatred." Men jumped on the band wagon, too. Good manners and chivalry should have nothing to do with it. Men should still be men and women should still be feminine.

Inquiries said...

I agree Lou. But it has affected it. Which it not right but it it true. Yes Men should be men and women should still be feminine.

Buck said...

Well... good manners, learned at Mom's knee (and elsewhere, largely unmentionable due to PG-13 violence. Of a sort.), are still alive and well in this corner of the planet. Even after being verbally assaulted in the WORST possible ways while I was living out in SFO... for the crimes of opening doors and stepping aside so women could enter elevators first. That sort of krep NEVER failed to amaze me.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Feminazi's...can't live with'em...can't shoot'em.

Girl, you just do your part and let the rest of'em wallow in their pig pens.

I'll keep openin' doors and driving The Queen around and teaching my boys to do the same and teaching the girls to be patient with us.

Dawn said...

Ashley I quite agree with your point, and Lou's too. I think that we're just dealing with a root of selfishness and pride which seems to creep in and take the advantage in any movement that's started with sometimes the most noble of intentions. I mean geez, look at our government! I believe I've heard many times the question "What would our founding fathers think if they could see us as a nation now!!
We'll frankly, I'm not to proud of our modern day feminists, or the men who don't have the dignity to do as Buck and the Piper have chosen despite the opposition. :) I am always thrilled when I see respect and consideration before self. Whether it be man or woman. I believe that's what shows great strength of character!

Inquiries said...

Buck: I am glad you mother brought you up right. Yes I have seen women curse at men for opening doors for them.

Jay: Good for you! I know your children will be wonderful men and women.

Dawn: I agree with you points. Selflessness it a strength is character.

Becky said...

I, on the other hand, have seen men open the door for me and recoil with surprise when I smile and thank them. They weren't expecting that!

I hope that they realize that not all women are so bitter and angry towards them.

Inquiries said...

Becky: Yes I do too, not every woman is a man-hater.