Monday, February 18, 2008

Chandler Red

I am far to attached to my dog. In case you have not noticed I am a dog person. Chandler is a five year old American Pit Bull Terrier. He is protective of me. Many people think that all pit bulls are aggressive and mean. Some are yes, but not all. If they are trained, raised, and bred properly they make great dogs. They are loyal, friendly, and family oriented dogs. Chandler is a dog of a different color so to speak. He does not do all the gross things most dogs do. I don't know if it is the way I raised him or if it is just him. I am inclined to believe it is him. Upon meeting him. DON'T RUN! He loves to chase you. He will bite your feet. Not really bite just put his mouth on them.;) Many meter readers, repair men, and delivery men have experienced this. When he rounds the corner of the house they run for the truck. He thinks it is a game and chases them. It is hilarious. I know it is not to them but I am usually yelling STOP RUNNING! I know they are thinking yeah right. They never stop. Chandler is a good dog, he is not aggressive. He is protective though. Not many people trespass when they know you have a pit bull. That is a good thing around here. When they see the dogs my polite suggestion for them to leave usually carries more weight. Chandler is a great dog. He keeps me warm at night. He keeps me entertained during the day. He is a little bit of a clown. I need to shoot a video of his tricks. He speaks in three volumes, shakes hands/paws four different ways, "dies", crawls, rolls over, and of course sits and lies down.


Bag Blog said...

We had a mutt that was ugly and beady-eyed. People were scared of her, but she was a sweetheart. Then something must have happened - the UPS lady apparently did something to our dog, because Maggie became violent when the UPS truck would pull up.

It is funny how people run and cause more problems that if they just stood there. It is like that when you tell someone to quit pulling on the horses reins - they just can't seem to help themselves.

Inquiries said...

Yes I know! The owner could control the dogs if you were not running! Yes it is like that with horses. My horse hated to be kicked. If you move you legs like you are going to kick her she would go. I told almost everyone who rode her not to kick her. They always did. ( she would buck a little if you kicked her)