Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pjs and Weddings

To some, nine o'clock s the morning man sound rather eccentric for a wedding, but to people of the Atlantic Coast it is not a bit more so than an evening hour--less so, if anything because the morning is unconventional anyway and etiquette, never being very strong at that hour, is not defied, but merely left quiescent. If, for any reason, such as taking an early morning train or ship--an early morning wedding might be good suggestion. The bride should, of course, not ear satin and lace; she could wear organdie ( let us hope that nine 0'clock wedding is in summer!), or she cold wear a very simple white crepe de chine. Her attendants could wear the simplest sort of morning dresses with garden hats; the groom a sack suit or flannels. And the breakfast--really breakfast--could consist of scrambled eggs and bacon and toast and coffee--and griddle cakes!
The above is not written in ridicule; the hour would be very "unusual," but simple early morning wedding where every one is dressed in morning clothes, and where breakfast is suggests the first mean of the day--could be perfectly adorable! The evening wedding on the other hand, lays itself open to criticism because it is a function--a function is formal, and the formal is always strictly in the province of that austere and inflexible lawmaker, Etiquette. And Etiquette at this moment says: "Weddings on the Atlantic seaboard are celebrates not later than four-thirty o'clock in the afternoon!"
---Etiquette by Emily Post, 1922

Pjs at a wedding! On my gosh! I would never wear my pjs to a wedding. I look like a homeless person in my pjs. Shorts and a holey tee shirt are not exactly wedding attire. Does that mean morning breath and bed head would also appropriate?


Jenn said...

Good Lord! Back in the day it might have been that way but I can tell you people on the east coast get married later in the day and in the evenings too!

Bag Blog said...

I kind of like the idea of an early morning wedding - just get it over with and enjoy the day.

Buck said...

Ash. You need to do your homework before ya post, Girl! ;-)

Emily said Morning Clothes, NOT PJs! OK, she didn't capitalize "Morning Clothes," but one gets the sense that anyone reading Emily at the time (i.e., the '20s) well knew what Morning Clothes, capitalized or not, meant. And some of us geezers still do, LOL!

You wouldn't wanna see me in my "PJs," Ash. Unless we were on VERY intimate terms, LOL! I'll leave it at that... ;-)

Inquiries said...

Jenn: Etiquette is a funny thing.

Lou: I don't I am not a morning person.

Buck: Yes sir. I know she really did not mean pjs but had no idea what she meant by morning clothes. My first thought was tea length dresses and men in suits without ties. Thanks for enlightening me. You always do.

You don't wear pjs! My my!