Friday, July 11, 2008

Pearl Harbor I

Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona
The Sailor yelled at me for taking his picture.
USS Bowfin
Two Pearl Harbor survivors.


Dawn said...

Shaun would have loved this and we would have never gotten him away from those two PH survivors, he would have talked to them for hours! Why did the sailor yell at you?
Are you feeling better today?

Buck said...

re: the sailor yelling at you. Given he's an E-2 (there's only ONE lower grade in the Navy, period.), he probably took the one and only chance he had to yell at anyone about anything. Life as an E-2 generally sucks, whether you're Navy, Army, or what-have-ya. That's no excuse to be rude, tho.

Nice pics, yet again!

Inquiries said...

Dawn: Those guys were pretty interesting.

I'm not sure why the sailor yelled at me. I think he was just being cranky.

Buck: Probably, When he yelled at me I just smiled at him.

Becky said...

This is one place I definitely want to visit.

As for the sailor yelling, yes, he was very rude, but keep in mind that some people just don't like having their pictures taken--especially if you don't ask permission first. I'm one of them. I wouldn't have yelled at you, but I wouldn't have appreciated it, either.

Jenn said...

I'm cracking up at Buck, my hubby said the same thing! I have always wanted to go there,maybe someday!

Inquiries said...

Becky: Three people took his picture before I did and he did not yell at them. They did not ask to take his picture. I think he decided I would be a fun person to yell at.

Jenn: LOL! Dad did not want to go to Pearl Harbor. I said Going to Oahu and not visiting Pearl Harbor is like going to Washington D.C. and not going to the capital!

Course of Perfection said...

The Sailor yelled at me for taking his picture.

LOL...I wonder what he would say about having it posted on your blog! I'm glad to hear you have smiles when you meet rudeness.

Bag Blog said...

I find Pearl Harbor fascinating. I would have had to spend lots of time thereif I went Hawaii. Years ago when teaching in Taos, we got a Weekly Reader with lots of PH stories. I could hardly read them to my students without crying. I'm sure my students thought I was one odd lady.