Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's A Dogs World

Here is a little break from Hawaii. As you will soon find out from these pictures that my dogs are spoiled . But if you are going to have a dog you might as well love it. Right? Chandler is hiding.
Sleeping on my parents bed.
Xena being silly
Xena under my desk. For some unexplained reason she love to sleep under my desk. She also likes to unplug my computer! Which really annoys me.

Since I am talking about dogs I will rant about something. I may offend some of my readers but you do come here for my opinions so please bear with me.
I can't stand it when people dress up their dog or cat and say that the poor animal enjoys it. I am not talking about play dressing it up. I am talking about dog wardrobes, turtle necks, polo shirts, and sunglasses. Dogs don't need a wardrobe. They have a thing called FUR that keeps them warm. I will admit that some dogs may need a coat if they live in cold weather with short hair. But a wardrobe! Come on! I get a magazine that has any thing from dog pj's to evening dresses. It makes me laugh. But I feel sorry for any dog that had to wear pj's!


Becky said...

I think people dress up their dogs because they see them as substitute children. But I agree with you. The dog certainly does NOT enjoy it. None of my dogs has ever had so much as a t-shirt on, and they never will.

Jenn said...

Cute pictures !

Inquiries said...

Becky: Yes I was going to rant about that but decided not to!
Chandler has a dog jacket to wear when it is really cold. His hair is so short he needs it, Poor thing! I am not sure if he likes it or not. But he is thankful to have it on when it is cold!

Jenn: Thank you!

Buck said...

Yeah, clothes on dogs is just plain stupid, other than the aforementioned doggie cold-weather gear. But, that said, I lived in some pretty cold country with lotsa snow, and my dogs survived without doggie overcoats. Then (yet) again, they were basically inside dogs to begin with.

Inquiries said...

Buck: Normally I would agree with you, but Chandler has such short hair. He has NO hair on his belly. His hair is not even a half of a inch long! But Xena has longer hair and does not need a jacket. Chandler and Xena are both inside dogs. And know it too!

Bag Blog said...

Ranger has a jacket, but he hates it. He really needs a lifejacket for kayaking, but they are so expensive.