Friday, June 27, 2008

Memes and Sunsets

Beautiful Okie sunset.
This is my workspace. I finally posted it! The blue rectangle hanging on the expo board is my Hawaiian fish card. The wood box keeps all my "important" papers. On my printer: drawing pencils, pigment to make paint, my glass of water, and my phone. On the desk: My iPod and some DVDs Wives and Daughters and Persuasion. The painting on the wall is one of Lou's the orange one is one of mine.


Jenn said...

Very nice !

Inquiries said...

Jenn: Thank you.

Bag Blog said...

Your work space is certainly neater than mine. I think you should post a pic of your Venice painting.

Buck said...

And TWO sets of headphones! ;-)

Your space is pretty neat, too. Good on ya!