Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This is the Volcano portion of your Hawaii tour. In Volcano we did not see the lava flow that comes later. This is the Thurston lava tube. Sorry from the photo quality of this one.
This hardened lava. At the air port when we flew into Kona this was all we saw. Black rock for miles. I thought, this is Hawaii? Hum.
The Vog. Yes Vog, volcano fog.

This is a crater that blew up a few months ago.
In the 1930' this was a lava lake. The line outside the park to see it was 12 miles long.


Course of Perfection said...

Rye asked..."You got to go in a volcano?!"

Also, thank you for our volcano postcard. That was cool.

Sea-gal said...

Way too cool! I like the term "vog" - sounds mysterious! When we went to Hawaii, we didn't visit any volcanoes but we did see black sand beaches. Very weird, but really pretty. I would have liked to have seen this place in person! Could you feel the heat?

Inquiries said...

Perfection: Rye is so funny!

Your welcome!

Sea-Gal: The black sand is beautiful! The volcano was cool. We could not feel the heat but we could smell the sulfur. It smelled worse than Velma!

Buck said...

Is that a rainbow or lens flare in the first vog pic?'s verrah say the least!

Inquiries said...

Buck: It is a rainbow

Thank you.

Skybag said...

That's awesome! I wanted to see a volcano like nobody's business!

Inquiries said...

Jesse: Wait until you get to see the lava!