Thursday, May 22, 2008

Swimming With the Dolphins

We went on a swimming with the dolphins tour through Sunlight on Water. They were very informative about the dolphins and swimming with them. It was a great tour. Swimming with wild dolphins is not like swimming with the dolphins at Sea World. You can not touch the wild dolphins. When you touch a dolphin you remove a protective layer that keeps the from adsorbing bacteria through their skin. When you touch them you spread your bacteria to them. The tame dolphins that are touched and handled need antibiotic shots to keep them alive. If they are touched and petted by 20 different people a day they must have 20 antibiotic shots. I was pretty close when I got this shot. I free dove down about 15 feet. Free diving is diving without a scuba unit. I was swimming with them and remembered that it might be beneficial the go up for air since Martina had already gone up twice. I did not know I could hold my breath that long! I was having so much fun I forgot I need to breath.
This is the videographer Martina. She was a lot of fun. She moved to Hawaii from Germany. We made fast friends. She let me ride in the bow of the boat. And got me very close the the dolphins. I love boats (when I take my sea sickness medicine) , the ocean and the creatures in it. ( well maybe not the one that eat you!)

The water here was at least 100 feet deep. I was on the surface when I took this picture. I wanted a picture of the pod.

Swimming with the dolphins was very neat. Something I would do again in a heartbeat. I loved it.

That night we did the Manta Ray night snorkel. I took some neat video but my internet is too slow to post it. Jesse volunteered to put it up for me. You will see that later. It was AWESOME! I can't wait until you see the video!


Bag Blog said...

I think I would have liked swimming with the dolphins. We missed you at art - glad to know your fever has stopped. This sure sounds like the illness that I had. I really feel for you.

Buck said...

Wow. Way-cool. I learned something about dolphins today, too. Thanks for that, Ash.

I hope you're on your way to recovery. Being sick is NO fun at ALL. (DAMHIK)

Becky said...

Great photos! Swimming with dolphins is something I would have loved, too--if I could swim, that is.

Junk Diva said...

Glad your feeling some better. You should have so taken me with you, that looks like a blast.

Inquiries said...

Lou: You would like swimming with the dolphins. Yes I have the same thing! Yuck!

Buck: Learning is good! Thank you Buck.

Becky: Thank you. If we lived closer I would teach you how to swim!

Diva: Thanks Diva. Yes I should have brought you, you are always a blast!

Dawn said...

Ash your post have been great, I'm catching up on my reading and have really enjoyed the photo's! What an awesome vacation! So glad your feeling better too :)

Course of Perfection said...

Don't touch the dolphins!!! I didn't know that.

Awesome that you got the special treatment from the videographer. Great pics.

Inquiries said...

Dawn: Thanks

Perfection: Yes it was pretty cool!