Monday, May 26, 2008

South Point

Allisa and I at Kealakekua Bay
Black sands beachI thought this was fun. The sand is so dark!
It looks like coffee grounds
South Point: This is a hole in the ground that you could see the ocean though. People were jumping off the cliff and swimming though and climbing back up though this hole.

The coast line at South Point.South Point. The farthest point south in the US.
This picture is for everyone who thinks the wind never stops where you live. All the trees leaned in South Point.


Course of Perfection said...

I love the red toenails on the black sand! The Kealakekua Bay pic is my favorite though.

Bag Blog said...

YOu know how I feel about your toes - so I loved the photo. You and Allysa are so cute too. Great photos!

Junk Diva said...

Cute feet! And why didn't you jump off the cliff?????????

Buck said...

That black sand gets HOT in the sun! Hot enough to make walking on it barefoot painful, if not actually impossible.

Great pics!

Inquiries said...

Perfection: Thanks

Lou: Thank you. I took the toe picture for you! I have another on a white sand beach that I will post later.

Diva: Thank you. I was not brave enough! The cliff was about 50 feet!

Buck: When we were there it was cloudy. No burnt feet!

Thank you.

Science Geek said...

I like the contrast between your foot and the sand.

Inquiries said...

SG: So do I! It makes my foot look really white though! LOL. Thanks for commenting.