Sunday, May 18, 2008


Coffee Tree
Flower on the coffee tree

Coffee fruitBags of green coffee ready to be roasted
Coffee roaster

We toured the Mountain Thunder Kona coffee plantation. Kona coffee is very good. It is smooth is has no bitter taste. I really liked it. It is very interesting how coffee is grown and processed. It starts in a state that is called cherry. It is in the fruit state. The fruit is removed and the beans are dried. After the beans are dried another layer of husk is removed. The beans are graded on size and color. They are also inspected for defects. A computer grades them into 6 categories: Peaberry*, Extra Fancy, Fancy, Number 1, Prime, and defective. (* read the peaberry link if coffee interests you) The whole process is very interesting to me. YMMV though.


Sea-gal said...

Neat! I didn't expect coffee pictures! Pineapples and coconuts, yes, but you forget about coffee. That's very interesting - who knew the coffee flower is so pretty?

Junk Diva said...

Me either Sea-gal, who knew? Cool photos.

Buck said...

I just wish I could afford Kona coffee... it's the most expensive variety around, but I think it's worth it... in spades! (On those rare occasions when I can have it...)

Great pics, and thanks for 'em, Ash!

Course of Perfection said...

I think it's very interesting too.

(Colt & I are trying to figure out YMMV...)

Inquiries said...

Sea-Gal: I found the whole coffee thing very interesting! The coffee flower is pretty!

Diva: Thank you.

Buck: I love Kona coffee. It is good. Put it in with your cigars, a necessary luxury!

Thank you.

Perfection: Thank you. YMMV means your mileage may vary.

Bag Blog said...

I love my earrings, but Kona coffee would have been a good souenir too.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Whoa! I am SO way behind! I had no idea you had started posting everything! First, Kona coffee, from everything i've heard is so very good. Drinking good Kona there is like drinking Guinness in Ireland, completely different than what we get here.

The dive pics are SO cool! I've never been seasick but i did get carsick one time when i was a kid going through some rolling hills in my grandparents RV. Its probably very similar, very miserable! Since then i've not ever been any kind of motion sick, well except for spinning, can't do that.

The sunglasses just highlight your brightness...they were so you...its a shame they didn't come home with you...the next luau would've had a queen.

Funny, i knew your dad had a reason for the hat yesterday, but i had no idea it was as serious as all that! I'm glad he's ok.

Glad you are all home safely!

Inquiries said...

Lou: I did not know you liked coffee that much! I will keep that in mind for next time.

Piper: You need to try Kona coffee. I will snitch some of Dad's for you to try.

Getting car sick is terrible. I only get car sick when I read in the car while we are on curvy roads.

Thanks for the sunglasses compliment.