Thursday, April 3, 2008

Texas Oh Texas

Here are some more pictures from my Texas excursion.

Where we stayed
I house on a hill with a very steep driveway!

Mean looking cactus, huh?
The Fort at Fort Davis

On the way to the McDonald Observatory.
The McDonald Observatory
Now the dedications:
For Becky (we did not stop or I would show you the pictures)
For Buck (notice the hours 8:58pm how odd)
For Lou: They had GREAT Mexican food. The corn tortillas were homemade. YUM! We ate there twice. The first night we ate there the waitress did not like me. She was nice to every one else! I she warmed up slightly by the second night.


Bag Blog said...

Ah, I would go just for the Mexican food. I cooked migas for supper last night and made myself homesick for Austin.

Junk Diva said...

Great pic.s. Did you stop at the observatory?

Inquiries said...

Lou: The food was great. It made me homesick for NM.

Diva: Yes we went to the observatory. It was neat. I learned a lot.

Buck said...

Re: Uncle Buck's Liquor store... Don't think I could get behind that, as a business. Too much temptation there, ya know? ;-)

re; The fort at Fort Davis. One of my biggest (and recurring) disappointments in My Year of Rambling All Over The Frickin' Country was just how UN-fort-like all the places in America named "Fort Whatever" are. Perhaps that's my just desserts after a youth overflowing with innumerable cowboy and Indian movies. Still and even, it's a shame more of the frontier forts weren't preserved.

It's also a shame there aren't any GOOD westerns anymore, too. I'll stop right there.

Becky said...

Awww, thanks for thinking of me. I sure would have loved to see some good snake pictures. The rest of the pictures were great, though.

Inquiries said...

Buck: LOL.

Becky: Your welcome.

Course of Perfection said...

I enjoyed your pics! Thanks for sharing.

Bag: What are migas???

Inquiries said...

Thank you Perfection