Friday, April 4, 2008

Do Not Hit Me!

On of the assistant dive instructors Al told this story about himself. It may not be funny to you but it struck me as funny. He was talking about the police department in the city he lives in and how they are idiots. Apparently he is been in contact with them several times. I am trying to tell this the way he did minus the cuss words. Al was telling about a time that his wife was mad at him. She started beating on him. He put his hand in his back pockets so he could not be accused of hitting her. The police entered the scene. He pointed out to them that his hands were in his back pockets so there services were not needed. The police that they were going to take his wife into custody for assault. He called them a name and told them to leave them alone, she was not hurting him.
This struck me as funny. For these reasons: One, his wife beats on his when she is mad? That is a little scary. Not that she could hurt him but that she resorts to violence. Interesting. ( If it were ever necessary for me to hit someone it would hurt) Two, Why is he telling me this? And how did the police know she was hitting him? Was it in public? That brought on mental images. It struck me as funny.


Junk Diva said...

LOL. I now understand the name of your blog. LOL You make me laugh.

Buck said...

Dunno why that guy was telling you stories like that, Ashley. Seems kinda strange, to me.

Women beating on men ain't that unusual. I have a few of those stories but I won't blog 'em. Water under the bridge, and all that, and the guilty MUST be protected in these cases. But if any of 'em EVER take another swing at me I'm gonna come right back at 'em.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Inquiries said...

Diva: Yes Insignificant Inquiries is appropriate. I always wonder about odd things.

Buck: I don't know why he was telling me that either. People just do that with me. Sometimes I mind more than others.

I know women beating on men is not unusual but violence is not the way to solve anything. It makes it worse.
I feel the same way about hitting back. No one hits me and gets away with it.

Becky said...

I've been the recipient of some pretty strange stories myself. Did you read the one I posted about the co-worker telling me about his underwear problems? I'm thinking, "Why is he telling me this?"

As for hitting people, it is the way I grew up. In my home, I learned that if you had a problem with someone, you just clocked him. It took me a lot of years to realize that this is not the norm.

One thing being in karate has taught me is that if I hit someone, I know I can hurt him. But it has also taught me that I don't need to hit people.

And some folks think all we do is pick fights and bully people. That's not what karate is all about.

Inquiries said...

Becky: No I have not read the one you posted about the man with underwear problems. That sounds interesting.

I do not hit anyone unless I am struck first. But hitting does not solve the problem.

I have always wanted to take karate. It is not about aggression like people say. Uninformed people running their mouth.

Bag Blog said...

Growing up between two brothers made me a fighter (imagine that) but I learned quickly that men were stronger and that physical violence was not a good thing. But I was smarter...

I would bet that the neighbors called the police. They do that sometimes when people are shouting.