Monday, March 24, 2008

Catfish and Turtles and Snakes! Oh My!

Friday afternoon I am leaving for Balmorhea Texas to go SCUBA diving. Balmorhea is a "lake" fed by a spring that pumps 22 to 28 million gallons of water a day! It is as clear as the ocean from what I have been told. The water stays 75ºF year round. The only draw back (at least it is for me) it that there are HUGE catfish and HUGE snapping turtles. Oh Joy! I don't do lake creatures. Odd yes since the state I live in is land locked and the only available places to SCUBA dive are lakes. Oh well, I will just have to get over it. Water is water. The trip to Balmorhea is my check out dive. That means that I am fully certified after satisfactorily completing the dives. Whoo Hoo! Another thing I am dreading about the dive in Balmorhea is the lack of competent dive partners. There are several that I am hoping that I am not paired up with. I will just have to make the most of it I guess. I will be gone until Wednesday. After the dives (which end Sunday) I will be heading to my grandmothers house to visit her for a few days.
There will be many pictures from my trip so be ready. There may even be a few underwater pictures. You can see the gigantic catfish and turtles too! If I see any. You might be thinking she does not do lake creatures, how is she going to handle ocean creatures? Well Gentle Reader, I guess we will find out! I am somewhat sure, I will be fine with it. Hehe! I am not the panicky type.

I recently purchased a underwater housing for my camera. So you will see many underwater pictures from Balmorhea and Hawaii.


Bag Blog said...

Jo Wilson cooks up some mighty fine turtle from what I hear. Or maybe you could try noodling! Try to stay well.

Inquiries said...

No turtle or noodling, I am adventurous but but not THAT adventurous.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Please take into consideration that the fables of catfish the size of Volkswagons are just that. Fables. Go to any large freshwater aquarium in the state or surrounding states and observe the size of the catfish there in perfect conditions. Large? Yes! Able to swallow adult humans whole? no.

The alligater snappers on the other hand do get quite large but again, not prehistoric proportions. Though they do give a nasty bite they are certainly as frightened of meeting you as you are of them.

Enjoy the clarity, enjoy the fish, be patient with your team, they may be more dangerous than any catfish.

Junk Diva said...

Looking forward to the pic.s. Sorry I couldn't provide you with a dive partner. I'm sure they will pair you up, I hear they do that. Happy diving, be safe, girl.

Course of Perfection said...

Back when I was a water-skier, I would NEVER swim with my legs down in the water. I always held them up. I was afraid of what was in the water with me & I didn't want any part of me dangling in the water as an enticement. Silly? Of course, but I still think your photos are gonna scare me. :) Have a great time!

Inquiries said...

Piper: Considered but size sometimes does not matter. Mice scare me and they are little.

Yes you are right Jay incompetent divers are way more scary than the little fish.

Diva: Thank you!

Perfection: That made me laugh! I will try not to scare you!

Buck said...

Ummm... Jay. You might be wrong. I've seen other big-ass fish, too... like pike and gar... that were in the 100+ pound category. Not large enough to swallow ya, true. But they could do (and have done) some serious damage.

But don't let that scare ya, Ash. The Mekong is a long way from Tejas.

Buck said...

PS: I like the new look on the blog.

Inquiries said...

Buck: If I see a BIG catfish I try not to be eaten. ;)
My dive instructor says that the night before he dives in the ocean he eats a shark steak. To have one up on the sharks. Maybe I should eat some catfish. (I don't really like it though. I would rather eat a fish that did not taste like the bottom of the lake)

PS: I like the new look on the blog.
Thank you!

Becky said...

If your catfish are tasting like the bottom of the lake, somebody isn't doing something right. Catfish has got to be the best fish I've ever eaten, and it didn't taste like lake.

Have fun on your trip, and to encourage you let me say:

Just be glad you aren't swimming with alligators! (Been there, done that!)

Inquiries said...

Becky: I have had good catfish only a hand full of times. It is not one of my favorites. Maybe I need to try it "good" catfish.

Just be glad you aren't swimming with alligators! (Been there, done that!)
That sounds scary! I will take snapping turtles any day over alligators.