Friday, February 15, 2008

Wild and Loose

Todays insignificant inquire is about painting styles and personalties. My painting style is wild, loose, and thick. There is a method to my madness. But you have to look for it. Lou once said that judging from my painting style, one would think that I had no organization in my life. But I am organized. I will tell you something embarrassing about me. Every article of clothing in my closet is separated into categorizes. For example my shirts are separated into long sleeves, short sleeves, and button -up. Within each section the shirts are organized by color according to the spectrum. OCD, I know. I am not like that in every part of my life. Just somethings. Back to painting styles. My painting style is wild and thick. That poses the question, am I wild? Well, um....... I don't know. I use a lot of paint. I love texture in paintings. I also love color. I do not plan every painting. I get a general idea and go for it. I am sometimes a planner in life and sometimes I just go for it. But my friend A on the other hand is a very strategic planner when she paints. She draws every thing out. It helps her see where she is going with the painting. She is like that in life too. She works well in last minute situations. My friend K is a precise painter. In life she is that way also. Both A and K are great painters and great women. In this case their painting style reflects their personality. In my case I am not so sure. S and I have similar painting style but different personalities. Our personalties can sometimes be similar. But mostly we are different. S is a wild and free painter. She is a great artist and woman too. I believe that in some aspects of your life you painting style reflects your personality. What do you think? Do painting styles reflect personalities?


Buck said...

What do you think? Do painting styles reflect personalities?

I tend to think "yes," but ya gotta realize "art critic" is something I ain't. needs only consider Van Gogh as but one example. I think you can see what Hunter S. Thompson called "bad craziness" in his work. And Georgia O'Keeffe's work seems to project her personality, as well, but not in the same vein as Van Gogh's.

YMMV. Obviously!

Bag Blog said...

Georgia O'Keefe was a little old lady who painted little old lady pictures. They were okay and fun, but not my favorite - too commercialized.

During a critique, an art professor once told me that I was the only one in class who had done the assignment right. Then he dismissed my work as sloppy and moved on to talk about the other class paintings that were done wrong, but more interesting. It made me think that precision painting was the "good way" of painting and I was a slob. In a way I am organized, and I have a plan, but I leave room for change or whatever happens as the painting comes together. That fits my personality too. In my students, I like it when someone attacks their work with enthusiasm rather than fear.

Here is a story on Ashley. I once hit her on the head with the paint brush for whining about her painting. But she was trying to be so precise like everyone else. Eventually we figured out that was not Ashley's style. Once we unleashed her, she just burst forth with color, style, and love for painting. That is an artist.

Dawn said...

I like what you said, Lou, on leaving room for change or whatever happens.
I believe that is essential in painting, writing or any thing we might be creating, it opens up doors to things we might feel otherwise are impossible!!
I'm glad you pursued your painting until you found your style Ash that's what makes them unique :)
As far as reflecting ones personality, and because personalities tend to be kind of complex I'd say they might reflect a part of it. When your young a lot could be subject to change as you grow and change :)

Inquiries said...

Buck: I do think art reflects personality. I agree with Lou about Georgia O'Keefe.

Lou: Yes you did hit me. But it woke me up. The rooster painting was my first loose painting. Thank you for all that you have put forth toward my art. You are a great teacher.

Dawn: Thank you!

Bag Blog said...

And you are a precious jewel.