Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here is another one of my paintings. I posted a flower painting in honor of Valentines Day. Tulips are my favorite flower.
I will post more later. I am going swimming and then to art.


Dawn said...

tulips have a classy dignity about them, beautiful picture!!

Bag Blog said...

I do like the tulips. I think it is time to paint something for yourself - something wild.

Buck said...

Nice, Ashley! I like!!

Inquiries said...

Dawn: Thank you

Lou: Was todays painting wild enough?

Buck: Thank you

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Funny, it took a closer look for me to determine that they were, in fact, painted tulips. In the posted pic they look like a photograph, and in my book that says "pretty freaking good".

I can color a dang good Lightnin' McQueen...that's all folks.

MamaLou, didn't you post some pics some time ago of a crayola artist that was just phenomenal? or did i get that in an email from somebody? Hey, does that qualify as an I.I.?

Inquiries said...

Wow Thank you Jay! That is one of the best compliments on my are I have ever been given.