Thursday, February 28, 2008

D.C. Part I

Since I can not think of anything profound to write I am posting pictures from my Washington D.C. trip in 2006. There will be several parts to this series. I took over 1,000 pictures, I won't post them all you might revolt! Enjoy!
These were taken our first day in D.C. The picture of the capital was taken from the National Mall.

1st Day: It was a nice day the day we arrived in D.C.
2nd Day: It was SO cold. The wind was howling and I was freezing to death! We had a tour of the Washington Monument scheduled.
This is the inside of the Monument.
We arrived at the top of the Monument via elevator just as they announced that there was going to be a walk down tour. I had read that there was no longer going to be any scheduled walk down tours. Good timing. Inside the Washington Monument there are commemorative stones. Each state has a stone.
There were a lot of stones. Many people and business who sponsored the Washington Monument have stones inside it.
When we finished the walk down tour we asked if we could ride back up and look out. We did not have a chance before because the tour. One of the ranger threw a fit because we got to go up again. These are pictures from the top of the Monument.
The Capitol, Library of Congress, and the Supreme Court. Lincoln's Memorial, WWII Memorial, and the reflecting pond.
Jefferson's Memorial.
To be continued.


Buck said...

What GREAT photos, Ashley! We have the most beautiful capital building in all the world, IMHO. Second place goes to the Kremlin, in my book, but that's arguable. The UK's House of Parliament is yet another candidate... but NOTHING beats the US capital for sheer impressive beauty.

I'm looking forward to the rest of your pics... post away!!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

hah! With what you've been posting lately...reminds me of an old tune i used to listen to...

you should like this...

inpassing said...

I so want to go to the east coast. Mr. Napkins and I are planning a trip there for our 25th wedding anniversary. That will be March 2009. I love your pics!

Inquiries said...

Buck: Thank you. Yes we do have a beautiful capital building. The House of Parliament is pretty nice too. ;)

Jay: I LOVED that video. Jets are too cool. I want to fly one!

Inpassing: I hope you guys make it to the east coast. I have a lot of DC literature if you ever want to borrow any.