Monday, February 11, 2008


Another one of my paintings
I am at a loss again today on what to post about. I want to say thank you to Jay for his insignificant inquiry. If any of my readers have a insignificant inquiry please feel free to share. There will be many more to come.

I have read blogs for several years before I decided to start my own. I have learned from each one I have read. I have learned from Lou's blog that people like to read about your every day life and that posting your paintings is fun. I have learned from her blog that reader comments encourage the writer to keep writing. From Buck's blog I have learned to respond to each comment. I like that he does that on his blog. I have carried it to mine. It encourages the commenter to leave more comments. From Jay's blog I have learned again that readers like to read about your life and family. I have also learned from his blog how to start my own blog. I have learned from Dawn's blog that pictures are fun and that you write what you want to it is your blog.
I have learned from all the blogs that pictures are worth a thousand words. Readers enjoy the pictures. Thank you to all the faithful bloggers.


Bag Blog said...

I used to write more interesting and funny things, but my life is dull these days. I think we should do something to put a spark back into the writing...but what?

You always have such an interesting perspective on people, places and events. Use that in your blog. People are attracted to you - tell those stories. Your family is funny and great - tell about them. You always keep me entertained.

Inquiries said...

Scotland was dull? I think you blog in very interesting. Thank you for you advice I will follow it.

Dawn said...

Wheeww, Lou, I so second what Ashley says!! "Scotland dull? Toby with his different colored socks is dull? Turtle'y horse poop dull? I think not :) We are who we are and their are others who would kill to have your life! The sparkle is in you girl,it's okay to not sparkle all the time, I want to see more of your art though,and how you see things through it.
Ashley your flowers are gorgeous and if you run out of room to store your art, I have lots:) Thanks for your kind words, I consider Lou and piper my main examples and mentors of blog. Ha! Buck has quite a way with words too.

Inquiries said...

Thanks Dawn. I need to paint you something. What do you want? I paint every thing but nudes;) I am pretty sure you don't want a nude. Pam Creekmore has the flowers. Pick a picture and email it to me.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, girls. No, Scotland was not dull, but the stories are not like my first year of posts. Can you believe I have been doing this for almost three years!

I think nudes are interesting...

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Do i feel a blogmeet coming on?

Regarding boring dull lives...its not WHAT you write...its HOW you write it. One of the guys on my blogroll- Straight White Guy- writes about NOTHING, but its so freaking interesting!

I would blogmom is dull, kinda like watching the Wizard of Oz...she starts out in black and white and ends up in full digitized Technicolor, right...SO boring.

Ash...remember, your snowball is still at the top of the hill...just keep nudging it.

If anyone's interested...i'll take a nude of The Queen.

Buck said...

Ah...I see you added Site Meter yesterday, Ash. Good move. I read somewhere that SM is the most important piece of code you can add to your blog. I believe that... it's been an inspiration for me, I love posting some of the really, really weird/dumb hits I get. You'll get 'em, too! ;-)

Thanks for your nice comments! Much appreciated!

(An aside: are you still on dial-up? I ask coz Pandora doesn't work on dial-up, it's a 128 Kbps stream. You NEED broadband!)

Inquiries said...

Lou: Blogging for three years! WOW! Keep it comin' we're still readin'.

Jay: Thank you

Buck: I like site meter too. It is so cool. I love technology.
Yes I still have dial-up. And yes I do NEED broadband!